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Monday, September 12, 2011

How to take notes (my way)

So I've been in college for a month now and the most important thing I've learned is how to take great notes so I decided to share my tips. You can take notes two ways on a computer or write them out I like taking my notes by hand because I feel like I learn better that way.

Head your paper
At the top of my paper I like to write the subject and section title for example: Biology Ch. 1 section 1 this way when I go back to review my notes I'll know what notes go with what section.

Colorful pens
Black pens bore me when I'm studying I find that if I write in a hot pink or purple pen I won't stray off and get distracted (I'm a sucker for colorful pens lol).

Color coordinate
I swear by color coordinating everything in my life keeps me organized what I do is write the title (Notes, places, people, & dates) in one color and write my actual notes in another color that coordinates (pink & purple or blue & green) this helps me study better instead of my notes being a one color if they're in different colors it'll be easier when it's time to highlight for a study guide.

I swear by highlighters without them I'd be lost use a highlighters that coordinates with your pen color and highlight any and everything you might think is going to be on a test.

I always used these tips in high school and now that I'm in college they've come in handy more than they did in high school, I hoped my tips helped some of you and that you use them and have a great school year!

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