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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Decorating with Dalin: Personalized Bulletin Board!

Hey guys! This Sunday, I'm going to guide you through a simple tutorial on how to make your own personalized bulletin cork board (which is super handy for posting up reminders and memorable photos!) which is suitable for ANYONE - whether or not you're in high school or college (:

Here's how mine turned out!

If you want to see how I made it, read forward =)

The Ultimate Guide to College Sororities

Thinking about joining a sorority while in college? Well I'm going to show you what sorority life is exactly all about!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tips for Freshman Dorm Shopping

As a incoming freshman dorm shopping can seem overwhelming, between how much money is being spent and figuring out what to bring. Here are some quick tips and some of the great finds I discovered while starting  my shopping!

Love Buying School Supplies?!

When it comes to summer, one of my favorite things to do is buy school supplies, but I hate spending a fortune. In this post I will share with you some great deals I’ve found and some tips on what you should and shouldn’t buy. I will be showing you 16 different items that I bought at Staples for ridiculously great prices (items were bought over three shopping trips).
Towards the end of the summer Staples has some amazing back to school deals (Note: some items require a minimum purchase of $5* and a few items require I mail in/email in rebate**. My purchases were not hindered by that). Since I don’t like to spend a lot on school supplies I try and stock up at this time, that way whenever I need something throughout the year I can just head over to my stock pile and pick out whatever I need. A few items will be donated to a charity or a local family.
Down below is a picture of all that I bought. Can you guess how much I spent on all of these items?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Highschoolers! Start searching for colleges now…

Look it’s you! Looking for colleges! I’m not sure if binoculars will help you see any clearer, but regardless… the time is now to start the search for the school that’s right for you! (But seriously, ditch the binocs. You look ridiculous.)
I know, I know. It’s summer. Why should anyone start looking for colleges now? Well, I’m getting ready to head into my junior year of high school and I’ve been searching like a mad man for colleges that are interesting to me. Why start now? Well, first-- starting early means no rushing! You have plenty of time to think about and search for the colleges that would be a good fit for you. You also have a plethora of opportunities to schedule visits-- an EXTREMELY good chance to experience the college!

Top 5 Tips for College Freshmen

Hi everyone!
Here are a few tips for those of you who will be college freshmen in the fall. Going off to college can be intimidating but hopefully these tips will help your transition be a little easier!

College Shopping for the University Procrastinator

Okay sisters, as July is winding down the pressure to have everything ready for move-in day is weighing heavily on our shoulders. And I know for some of you, this summer is flying by so quickly that you haven’t even had time to THINK about what you need for college. Thankfully, I have a few tips for getting everything you need at the last minute. 

How to Prepare for Back-To-School

For many, the last week of August is reserved for two things: soaking up the last few moments of summer vacation, and scrambling to get ready for back-to-school. But not me! Instead, I enjoy my summer straight through 'til September 1st, and spread my back-to-school preparation so thinly through the summer months I hardly notice it. Here are my tips for getting ready for Fall Semester while enjoying every second of your summer!

No one likes to feel rushed, especially if you're preparing for your first year of College. Maybe you're transferring schools, or going back to school after a few years off. The first week of school is always hectic and jam-packed; finding your classrooms, solidfying your timetable, and getting to know the campus will undoubtedly take up much of your time. So I like to get a few key things out of the way during my summer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top 10 Items I Found Useful At College

Hey everyone! As summer is coming to a close, that means school shopping is right around the corner! Here are some things I got last year as a freshman that I found very helpful and will be using again this year:

1. Yoga Mat

One way to stay in shape, is to do an ab work out, or a yoga routine. With a yoga mat, it adds cushion to your floor and it helps so your not laying on the nasty floor. These roll up nicely that you can store in your closet or under your bed. You could even use these to sit on if you're studying or watching TV with friends.

Charlcie's Thoughts: On Being An Incoming Freshman

As of now, the only college experiences I’ve ever had are the visits I paid to my best friend’s school during my senior year. Spending weekends with her has made me both excited and nervous for what lies ahead, but what I can say for certain is that I’m glad I at least have some kind of idea of what to expect.

Shopping Tips for Dorms

Hey everyone! Like many of you reading this, I'm an incoming college freshman. As soon as I decided to go to school away from home, I started thinking of things I needed to buy for my dorm room. This can be really stressful, because you might not think of certain things or forget something really important. I'm gonna give you some tips on how I made the perfect list for myself and how I got prepared for dorm room shopping!

[FINISHED 8/12] "Holy Grail" Items: Thermal Water

My first day working at a drug store, I wandered over to cosmetics and the cosmetician was standing there misting herself with water and I said, "what the heck is that?!" She replied, "thermal water!" and from that moment my life had changed forever.

Thermal water is, quite frankly, water! It comes in an aerosol can, and contains tons of minerals and antioxidants. Studies have shown that your skin's health benefits greatly from thermal water. It soothes the skin, and is so refreshing. There are no added fragrances or chemicals. It comes straight from the earth!

So what's in it?
Minerals, baby! Minerals and antioxidants!

Vichy's Thermal Water contains:
Bicarbonates, Chloride, Potassium, Fluorine, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Neutral PH, in addition to the 100% pure spring water.

Avene also makes a thermal spring water. Avene's thermal spring water is more suited for those with sensitive skin than Vichy's, as the salt content is lower. Other than that, they're both comparable.

So what can you use thermal water for?

Almost anything! It can be used to set your make-up, and to freshen up your make-up throughout the day (and give you that "fresh" dewey look any time, anywhere!). It's great for sunburns or other mild burns. It can help soothe diaper rash. Thermal spring water is excellent for freshening up after a workout, or cooling down if you're hot (in the summer I just sit outside and spray myself constantly!). I always have a bottle with me when I'm travelling, to help get rid of that gross, muggy, dirty feeling I get after I've been on planes and on busses and in cars for hours on end. It's excellent for use after shaving, too.

According to Avene's website, thermal water is also used post surgery, post procedure, for those with skin prone to redness, acne, keratosis, or eczema. It can be used to soothe allergic reactions or any skin irritation.

It's been recommended by dermatologists (even MY dermatologist recommended it to me!) and cosmeticians for years. It's all-natural, with many uses, and is completely foolproof! I cannot speak highly enough about thermal spring water.

How is it for price?
Quite reasonable, actually. A 300mL bottle sells for $21.00CAN at London Drugs (or $17 on sale). 300mL can last you years! If you see it, I definitely recommend picking up a can. You can't really can't go wrong!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creating the Perfect Schedule (For You!)

Since school is about to begin, I think it is about that time to talk about how to create the perfect college schedule! The awesome thing about college is that you have free reign over mostly everything, including when and what you want to do regarding classes! Since it is near the end of summer, I’m sure most of you new high school graduates have gone to orientation and created your schedules, but may not be satisfied with them. After all, the registrars don’t know you personally and what you like. I’m also sure that some of you felt the pressure and picked random classes just to be done. But the awesome thing is that most schools allow you to go back and change your schedules up until classes start! So here are some tips to create the perfect schedule (or rework the one you’ve got)! 

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Bed bugs can one of the worse disturbances you'll experience in your dorm. Because a dorm
mattress is used by so many people the possibly of infestation is even greater. Read more to find out how to look for bed bugs and in the worse situations, how to get rid of them!

CAUTION: Before you read this information I want to warn the people who are like me. When I read information on any kind of bug I over analyse things; I don't want people to do the same. Use evidence you find but don't dwell on small possibles when signs point to no infestation.
Reading this may also make you itchy, I assure you, this is normal.

My Top 5 Outfits For School

When it comes to fashion everybody has their own style and that's what I love about fashion it's a way to express yourself and be free, whether you're wearing a tshirt and jeans or a high fashion dress it doesn't matter it's how YOU wear it that makes it fashion. Fashion doesn't define you it doesn't make or break you, people have different opinions of what they think is fashion. Example: I LOVED Cassie's hair in the "Roll Up" video shaving both sides of your hair and just having the middle is cute to me but other people may not like it and that's fine. So enough of my rambling let's get straight to the point in this post I'll give outfits that I would wear to class now let me say this, my style will be totally different from the rest of you girls style but I want to create outfits where if you girls don't like the outfit as a whole you can take bits and pieces from it and make it your own!!!

My favorite quote on fashion: “Today, fashion is really about sensuality—how a woman feels on the inside. In the '80s women used suits with exaggerated shoulders and waists to make a strong impression. Women are now more comfortable with themselves and their bodies—they no longer feel the need to hide behind their clothes.” - Donna Karan

Outfit #1: A white v-neck tank top, medium wash boot cut jeans, metallic t-strap sandals, and a long pendent.
This by far has to be my favorite outfit you can dress it up by adding a sleek blazer and a nice pair of heels, this look is perfect for going to class or studying in the library because it's comfortable and that's what's important to me when I get dressed COMFORT if I don't feel comfortable or after a few hours in the outfit I wanna take it off I won't wear it. Every girl should have a classic white shirt and a nice fitting pair of jeans doesn't matter the style choose what's right for you.

Outfit #2: Black and white loose fitting striped tank top, hot pink skinny jeans, black boyfriend blazer,black heels and gold jewlery.
Now this look may be a little too dressy for most people to wear to school but for me it's just perfect I love boyfriend blazers I think they combine the loose fit of a guys blazer with the structure of a girl blazer perfectly and once again they're comfortable, I understand that some people don't wear heels to school I wear heels 80% of the time because I'm a midget :( lol but if you aren't comfortable wearing heels to class you can switch them out for a black pair of converse or a black pair of wedges whichever you decide MAKE IT YOURS!!!

Outfit #3: White scoop neck tshirt, black skinny jeans, acid wash crop jean vest, and black converse.
I'm wearing this outfit now lol that's why I posted it but I think it'll be a good outfit to wear to class because it's simple and easy to throw on this outfit, outfit #1 and outfit #5 are my version of wearing sweats to class it's comfortable like sweats but you look a little more put together.

Outfit #4: Grey tank top, white baggy skinny jeans, silver belt, grey jacket and silver wedges
Can you tell I like skinny jeans? lol I find myself wearing these a lot and I just love the colors but I do find myself buying certain pairs a size bigger because I think they look cuter when they're a little baggy. I love how grey and white looks together I think it just looks so sleek.

Outfit #5: Graphic tshirt, dark wash bootcut jeans, and converse
Easy, simple, and comfortable just roll out of bed and put these one (after you shower of course lol!) This is a everyday outfit for me when I'm studying, running errands, or just hanging out with friends, especially during finals because who really has the time to pick out an outfit between studying all night and stressing about passing your finals so just throw this on.

I know my style isn't like the rest of you girls so I know some of you might not like these outfits but this is what I would wear to class everyday so if you don't like the outfit as a whole feel free to take what parts you do like and make it your own I would LOVE to see how you guys recreated these outfits! :)

Facebook: (or search Bianca Thompson)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Staying Organized: College Apps

Hey guys! Since I know high schools are starting to go back to school soon (at least my younger brother is), I thought it'd be a great time to write on how incoming high school seniors can start getting organized for college apps. This is such a broad topic, but I hope I can gloss over most of it and if anyone has anymore questions, I'll be sure to address them in another post. So let's get started shall we? After applying to 18 universities (11 separate applications), I'll be sharing my top 4 tips to stay on top of your college applications, so keep on reading(:

Back To School Fashion: The Blazer

Hey girls!

In this post I want to talk about one of my favorite fashion items which is the Blazer. In my opinion it's also a perfect back to school item because it gives an academic and elegant look and will never go out of style. I personally feel instantly more sophisticated when I throw on a blazer. The great thing is also that you can combine it with basically anything, from flowy dresses to simple jeans.

Videos for Monday July 25th - How to Deal with Homesickness, and Back to School Tips!

Hey girls!  
Emily and Samantha put up videos today on How to Deal with Homesickness and Back to School Tips! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Essentials for College Freshmen!

Hey everyone! As college is approaching, you've got a lot of things to worry about, but with this simple fashion guide on some essentials, your clothing will not be one of them!

Getting To Know Your Roomies!

Hey all! I'm so excited that this is my first blog post for Sorority Sisters! Thinking back to last year around this time I was a mix of emotions knowing that in August I would be moving out and going to college. I was excited, anxious, scared, nervous, and already stressed! Now see if you are an incoming freshman you are only lucky girl...maybe boy since you have the help of us awesome ladies to guide you through the "need to knows" about college and you won't have to worry about feeling like emotional wreck like I was!

8 Great School Orgazinational Tips

Hey girls! So I was thinking for my first blog post I would do it on school organization since everybody is going back to school soon I wanted to share my tips and tricks that keep me organized so let's get started!

Preparing for the Finances of College

Time to get out of the library and into the work force with a summer job! Love em or hate em, for those who attend, or plan to attend, University, summer jobs are basically a necessity!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

College Purse Essentials

Hey girls!

Most of the time I carry around a backpack only, but some days I choose to carry a purse instead (for instance, on days when I only have one or two classes). When I carry a bag, these are the items that are ALWAYS in it.

1. Lip balm/Lotion
My lips and hands and elbows get so dry throughout the day, so I've gotta have some moisturizer on me 24/7! There's nothing more uncomfortable than being all dry and flakey. Not cute. If I'm sitting waiting for class to start or sitting on the bus, I'll whip out my lotion. My days are super long, and putting some lip balm or lotion has sort of a soothing, relaxing effect on me. It makes me feel more comfortable, wherever I am.

My favourite: EOS lip balm in "summer fruit"

2. Make-Up Bag
I keep only my essential cosmetic items with me on-the-go. Powder, eyelash curler, blush, setting spray (or thermal water), bobby pins, hair ties, and a lid colour (single shadow, duo, trio, or quad). You never know when you'll need a quick touch-up. This is also awesome to have around if you go for a workout during your day, like I do.

3. Book
Whether it's a (small) textbook or a novel, I always have something to read with me. Books are great for when you're stuck in a long line-up, on the bus, waiting to meet a friend, grabbing a bite to eat, or just relaxing or killing time!

My go-to novels: Anything by V.C. Andrews!

4. Notebook and Pen
More often than not I run into someone and need to take their phone number down, or get a call and need to write down some info, or sometimes I have a genius idea or remember something and I need to write it down NOW! I would be completely lost without some sort of paper and a writing utensil. There's usually about ten pens and pencils rolling around the bottom of my bag.

5. Cell phone/iPod
I will never leave my house without my phone (willingly). Most days I'm gone from about 6:30am til 11:00pm, so some form of communication with the rest of the world is a MUST. As for my iPod, I've found I'm more lost without it than I think I would be. Whenever I need to catch a few zzz's I pop in my headphones and I'm out like a light. Or if I'm trying to study and the guy in the cubicle next to me won't stop tapping his pencil, I whip out my iPod and he bothers me no longer.

6. Planner
This thing will seriously save your life in college. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a daytimer/planner/agenda, and to have it on you at all times. The key to organization is consistency.

7. Umbrella
Whatever the weather patterns in your city, I think it's a good idea to have a mini umbrella with you at all times. There's nothing worse than getting caught in the rain unexpectedly. In my city, it will pour for five minutes randomly, and then it will be gorgeous the whole rest of the day. So I A.LWAYS have an umbrella with me.

8. Wallet
Money, bus pass, school ID, liscence, coupons, receipts. The usual.

9. Food!
I always have a protein bar, or candies, or chocolate, or a piece of fruit in my bag. ALWAYS. I am always hungry, and not always close to food. Something small like a granola bar can really save your life if you're starving and stuck on a bus for half an hour.

10. Miscellaneous Junk
I am a very organized person, but there is always random stuff hanging out in my purse. No r how many times a week I go through my bag and "organize" I always end up with ten or fifteen loose items just chillin' at the bottom. I shove all this stuff into a clear freezer bag, so it's somewhat contained, and easily viewed and easily accessible. This "junk" includes: post-its, individually wrapped candies, pens, lip gloss, contact lens cases, chargers, wrappers, you name it!

What items have a permanent home in your purse?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tips for Breaking Bad Habits

Being successful in university is largely dependent on forming good habits. Study habits, eating schedules, multitasking skills, class/gym/work/study/friends routines, to name a few. Bad habits can make it a lot harder to be successful, especially if your "poor habits" are things like watching TV instead of studying, or pulling all-nighters every single night. These are my tips for breaking bad habits, and forming new, good ones!

#1. Admit when you need to break a habit.

As is true in any case, admitting you have a problem is step one! You can’t break a bad habit until you’ve recognized you have one. Whether it’s a habit that’s bad for your health (i.e. smoking, not sleeping, not eating), or one you’re simply not happy with (i.e. biting your fingernails, staying up all night on Facebook,taking the long way home everyday because there’s a cute boy who lives on that route who you may or may not run into), is not so important. The important thing is that you’re making this change for you, and you’re commited to making the change.

#2. Jump in head-first

Let’s say, for example, your bad habit is studying for hours on end, and then crashing from exhaustion. Make a point to take study beaks every half-hour or so. Set a timer so you don’t forget. Force yourself to stop and takea ten – fifteen minute break because you know it’s good for you, even though your body is telling you it’s breaking a routine. You’ve decided to break a habit, and you literally need to break it, sometimes with brute force!

#3. Build a strong support circle

Tell your friends, roommates, or family that you’re trying to break a habit, and ask them to help you out. If you’re trying to stop ordering dessert every time you eat out, let your dining companions know this, so they can help support you and keep you on track. This is especially important if you have a hard time breaking habits or changing routines; often, all you need is someone to remind you of your goal to help you reach it.

#4. If you relapse, don’t come down hard on yourself.

If you’re trying to stop biting your nails, for example, and you notice you’ve been unconscioulsy gnawing on your cuticles while watching T.V., don’t get mad at yourself or feel likea failure. Positivity will get you much farther than negativity ever will. Acknowledge you’ve hit a road bump, and start again. After all, you’re the one who wants to break this habit, you’re doing it for you and you alone, so your biggest supporter should be you.

#5. Reward yourself

If you’ve gone a week without chewing your hair, smoking a cigarette, or pulling an all-nighter, reward yourself! Breaking habits is hard, especially when you’re a university student who has millions of things to think about at once, so indulge yourself! Last year I had a terrible habit of eating at the most expensive spot on campus every day, so if I’d go a week without eating there I’d treat myself to one meal as a reward. I also had a bad habit of only taking my make-up off at night, but never actually washing my face. So if I’d go a couple weeks without forgetting to clean and moisturize my skin, I would buy myself a new make-up item or something.

#6. Form GOOD habits

Sometimes it takes forming a good habit to break a bad one, like in my face-washing example above. Focus on the positive. Instead of thinking about getting rid of bad behaviour, focus on creating good beahviours. Try getting into the habit of attending yoga classes. Or, if you have poor study habits try and form a whole new study schedule. That way, your focus is on creating something new rather than destroying something old. Breaking bad habits and creating good habits really do go hand-in-hand, more often than not. It's a lot easier to create a new study schedule (and stick to it) if you're going into it with a positive mindset. You can't simply "get rid of" a poor study schedule without introducing a new one.

Stay strong! You’re capable of more than you think!

Stay motivated, stay happy and healthy! Happy habit-breaking : )

Twitter: @SororitySisKels

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money Money MONEY!! Ways to Save Up for College

We all love to have a load of money saved up just in case there is something we want to buy in the future, but now since college is coming up, saving is essential. Spending our money is not an easy option like it used to be.

The other night I decided to start adding up an estimation of how much my freshman year of college would cost, along with my senior year of high school. Here are a few of the estimations i came up with:

  • A laptop

  • A laptop Sleeve Protector

  • A wireless mouse
 (for dorm supplies)

  • Bathroom essentials

  • Kitchen supplies

  • Bed sheets, pillows

  • Storage

  • Decor/lighting

This sums up the supplies i had put into my cart on the shopping sites above. Total estimation price: $1509.55

This is not including books, new clothes, dorm rental, food, and the actual classes. Freshman year alone in college can come out to over $10,000. That is quite a chunk of money.

Also, senior year will cost over $1,000 because of Prom, Homecoming, Birthday, Holiday's, Class Ring, Graduation, etc.

Money goes fast, so I'm here to give you helpful tips on how to save up for high school and college.

  1. Get a part time job!- Getting a job may seem complicated due to the economy, but do not worry, there is always something out there! Getting a part time job on your college campus is also a very good idea, you get to stay at the school and not have to travel or spend more money on gas. It's also more convenient, and you have a better chance of not coming to work late.

  2. Become a representative!- Becoming a representative to a company can be very fun. The best companies to go to are Mark, or Avon. These two sites involve makeup and beauty. You can work at your own time, never get fired, and sell great products! Click on the company names above for more information.

  3. Sell stuff!- Selling anything you have is a great way to make money! You could have a yard sale to get rid of anything you don't need, or want. Also, Ebay is a great way to sell stuff. (helpful tip, whenever you see a clearance item when shopping that could make you a few bucks, buy and sell it online, you could make a great profit) Another great place to make money is at Plato's Closet. Click the company names for more info.

  4. Babysitting!- Babysitting is an easy way to earn cash. You can pet sit a neighbors dog, or babysit a relataves or friends child, there is always opportunities, just ask around!

  5. Just save!- If you can't do any of the above, then just save as much as possible! Save up all the money you receive for birthday's or holiday's. If you still want to spend, put a certain amount of money into a jar that you swear not to touch unless it is for college or high school necessities. Saving smart is the best way to go!

There is always a ton of opportunities to gain, and save money. Weather you have a job or not, you can always find a way to stash a few bucks for future needs!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Become A Part of Sorority Sisters!

Hey there love!

Are you interested in becoming a part of Sorority Sisters?

Well you're in luck!  We're currently accepting new people for Fall!

Fill out this form, and send it to by August 28, 2011.

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