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Friday, November 4, 2011

We're on a Break!

Hey everyone!

Some people have been messaging me asking me where Sorority Sisters went.  We're on a break because everything became too hectic with school and work this semester, we'll be back in the summer hopefully!


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Stress of Decision-Making, and How to Trust Yourself

Making decisions is never easy, especially when those decisions affect your life in a substantial way, yet we are faced with big and little choices every day. What do I order at Dairy Queen? Which backpack should I buy? What school should I go to? Here is my story, and my advice for making it through those big life changes, making important decisions, and trusting you've chosen the right path.

When you're a kid your parents make the majority of those big decisions for you. But once you become an adult and enter the "real world" that responsibility falls into your hands. You get to pick which school to go to, if any. You can choose to move into your own place, or to a new city, or even a new country. For many, this new-found freedom is mostly exciting and liberating, but fear usually sets in at some point. Will my parents approve of my decisions? Am I in the right program? What if I end up hating this city I'm moving to? What if this doesn't work out? What if I've made the wrong choice?

The first thing you want to do is take a deep breath. Get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down what's on your mind. Make a list of the things you need to decide upon. Make a brainstorming sheet of ideas. If you're trying to pick a university to go to, make a Pros and Cons list. Get a glass of water, a box of chocolate, and start making some choices.

First, think about how the decision will directly affect you. If you choose University A over B, you will have to pay more tuition. If you take the nice apartment with the crazy high rent instead of the small apartment with the affordable rent you'll have to work more hours. If you move to a new city you'll have to find your way around, meet new people, and travel farther to see your family. Cause and effect. Are you willing to deal with the "If I do this, I will have to..."'s?

You also have to consider how these choices will affect others. For example, if you move to a new city will that upset your parents? Do their opinions mean so much to you that they could sway your opinion?

The next question you need to ask yourself is, have I looked at all of my options? Make sure you look at each situation from every possible angle. Talk to a friend and get their opinion, or talk to a family member. You can never get enough insight.

The biggest thing to remember is that no choice is permanent. You can always change your major. You can always move back home. You can always get your hair cut and died. You have to trust in your decisions, and take a chance. You can ponder for a long time, but the time will come when you must act and when you do, do so openly. You'll never find out what lies ahead if you never move forward.

There will come a time when you will break down and doubt yourself. For me, this time comes about once every three or four months, and it always happens when I'm in a perfectly good mood. All of a sudden I find myself lying face-down on my bed sobbing because I've "made all the wrong choices and nothing is going to work out and life just sucks!" The best thing to do in these situations is to let yourself have a good cry, call a friend or family member for some reassurance that everything will be all right (because it will all work out, trust me), pick yourself up, and move on. It's okay to feel like your world is falling apart sometimes. Just know that life will always find a way to work itself out, and that a pint of Haagen-Dazs is never far away.

Twitter: @SororitySisKels

Friday, September 16, 2011

Standardized Testing is FUN!!!!!

Just kidding, it's not. But here's how to make it bearable.

Okay, so for my fellow United States students, the ACT and SAT might as well be a four letter word. (I'm not sure how the system is in other countries, so sorry!)

I'm a junior and I have yet to take the ACT or the SAT but I have taken prep classes and I've taken a SAT II Subject Test. I'm not an expert by any means, but I hope my steps to preparation can help others plan.

1. I enrolled in an ACT/SAT prep class that was held through my school district. Truth be told, I don't think the classes were worth what we paid for them and I honestly thought some of it was a waste of time- but that's my PERSONAL opinion. These classes (or at least the ones I took) came with a booklet of practice tests, drills and helpful tips for succeeding. This alone is a very helpful tool. The teachers for the class were mediocre at best (again, this depends on the district) and mostly went through problems without actually telling you tips or giving little "what to expect" tidbits. I was disappointed, but the booklets are going to be very useful.

2. I plan on taking the ACT twice, because in my state the ACT is favored. Taking a test is always a good option if you have the money/time/will for it because there is ALWAYS the chance to improve, even by a couple of points (which could make all the difference).

3. At my school, taking the PSAT and PLAN (pre- SAT and ACT, respectively) is required, and it's very good. The PSAT could possibly make you a merit scholar and give you loads of scholarship money. Taking the PLAN gives you a projected ACT score and also a career suggestion for college. Both of these pre-tests are very helpful, especially because you can see what you got wrong and how to improve. There is nothing better than taking a pre-test because it's very similar to the real test and doesn't count!

4. Buy prep books! Self explanatory, if reading material is a good way for you to learn then buying a prep book is key. There are a variety to choose from, so pick one you like and get to it!

5. I took a SAT II Subject Test in Biology last spring. It is very much like the SAT in the fact that guessing counts against you (-1/4 point for every WRONG answer, 0 points for every answer left blank) and is a good prep in itself. However, most colleges don't care about these tests, though it is a little added bonus on your application (though, you probably won't get any credits or special treatment for it if you do well). If you do take these tests, make sure to do so AFTER you have completed the course-- not before and definitely not more than 6 months later! Your memory will be too flushed by then to remember anything!

6. Relax. All these tests can be taken multiple times. And think about it-- many questions are asked every day and you are required to answer them. Standardized testing questions have answers. How often are the answers given to you in real life? Just pick one.

7. Watch "The Perfect Score" if you need a study break. For some reason, I really like that movie. :)

Hope this helps any worried juniors or seniors! If you're in college and have any advice to share, feel free to add anything in the comments!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kelsie's Dorm Tour!

Hey girls! How's school going so far? I'm having a wonderful time at school! This is my second year of university but my first year living in a dorm. I'm honestly loving every second of living in residence! I can't believe I didn't do this last year. My roommates are all awesome, as are my floormates. Here is a quick tour of my dorm. I apologize for the terrible quality. My camera is broken right now, so I have to use my cell phone camera which is all scratched!

My university offers three kinds of on-campus housing: traditional dorms, apartments, and townhouses. I'm living in the "traditional dorms." In the dorms, I'm living in a four-bedroom suite. So off the hallway you enter a common area, and then our four bedrooms.

Our common area is not very big at all, especially for four girls, so we didn't take much time to decorate it as we don't hang out in there a lot. Our floor common room is much nicer anyway. We did, however, take time the first week after we moved in to add some things to the bathroom and the kitchenette.

In the "kitchenette" part of the suite we keep our dishes (the four of us share dishes) and some boxes of cereal that we share. Under the sink we keep our pots and pans, blenders, toasters and whatnot.

We're not allowed to have a microwave or stove, but we are allowed blenders, toasters, and kettles, and our suite also came with a fridge. We are all on a mandatory meal plan, but we still like to have our own snacks and whatnot in our suite. I keep my perishable items in the fridge, and my non-perishable items in my room.

We have a huge bathroom for the four of us. We have two drawers by the sinks, and I'm the only one who keeps stuff in there. I keep my face clothes, skin care items, and some cotton balls, and my toothbrush/toothpaste in there. In the shower we have a hanging organizer that goes over the showerhead, where we keep our shampoos/conditioners and body washes.

I have a captain-style bed. I got my duvet, pillows, and this gorgeous duvet cover at Bed, Bath and Beyond. In the drawers underneath I keep my scarves/gloves, and my "delicates" ;)

In my wardrobe I have this awesome hanging organizational thing, where I keep my pants, shorts, skirts, and then all my shoes. I hang up all of my tops and dresses. In the two plastic tupperware containers on the bottom I keep my bags and purses. I also keep my yoga mat at the back of my wardrobe, behind my laundry basket. I keep my laundry detergent and dryer sheets in my laundry basket, so that when I want to go do laundry I just have to pick up my basket and I have everything I need ready to go! Clearly it's time for me to take a trip to the laundry room... Haha.

On top of my wardrobe I have three blue baskets. Basket #1 has my towels, a shower cap, and some lotion. Basket #2 is for hair: flatirons, curling irons, brushes, hair accessories. Basket #3 is for jewelry, and cotton balls/Q-tips.

On the back of my door I have a full-length mirror (which was already on the door when I moved in), my bathrobe, and a drawstring bag which has my school garb in it (a t-shirt with our school's mascot on it, and a couple other items with our school's logo).

My desk is the most cluttered part of my whole room, it drives me nuts! But it's only because I have so many books and binders! On the very top shelf I keep my flute (yes, I'm a music major), my foldable music stand, and all of my flute music. That tall box that's standing up was a gift from my mother, and that's where I keep all of my sentimental items (pictures and whatnot). Then I have my printer. I like to keep it on the top shelf so it's up and out of the way.

On the second shelf I keep all of my textbooks, notebooks, and binders (I have one notebook and one 1inch binder for each class), and I keep them organized by class so I can grab all the items I need for a class at the same time (as opposed to organizing them by type: books, binders, notebooks). Then I have my reference materials, my novels, and my DVDs. Then I have my two pencil cases, my make-up bag with my everyday stuff in it, and then I have my perfume collection, my fish food, a bottle of thermal water, and a little mirror.

On the desk top I have my pens/pencils/sharpies/post-its in an organizational thingy that came with a make-up case. I also have some pictures taped up of my family. I try to keep my desk clean and free of clutter, so I can study better.

In the top drawer of my dresser I keep all of my little school supply things: a rule, a 3-hole punch, safety pins, etc. In drawer #2 I have all of my important documents for school and work. In the bottom drawer I keep extra lined paper, extra printer paper, and all of my cords (phone charger, iPod cord, etc.)

This little end table is my favourite part of my room. This is where I keep my fish (Martin), two Roses (I have fresh flowers in my room at all times!), a clock given to me by a close friend, and a Febreeze flameless candle. This table always looks classy and clean, free of school work and extra junk. In the top drawer I have my entire make-up collection and nail polish collection, and the bottom drawer holds some miscellaneous things (fish bowl cleaning stuff, some unused make-up bags, that kind of stuff. Stuff I don't need often).

Last but not least, we come to my tv. It's sitting on top of a Rubbermaid 3-drawer organizer, which is where I keep all of my food that doesn't need to be refrigerated.

And that's it, folks! I love my room so much. This is the one spot in the whole world that's mine and mine only! I can't wait to see everyone else's room tours :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roberta's Room Tour

Hey guys!
How's school been going so far?
Oh me? Well so far school's been going okay. It’s taking me a little bit of time getting used to being back into the motion of things. Well I finally finished setting up my room so I’m going to share that with you guys. Now I'm not done decorating and I'm most likely going to reorganize everything because I'm like that, but when I do, I'll make another blog with video, or I'll post it on Youtube and link you guys to it. Well anyway, enjoy!
Disclaimers: These are blurry. I don't have a camera currently so I had to take them with my phone. soon as I figure out how to work this, I will add pictures to my posts (if I have more than one), but for now, I’ll link you guys something

Monday, September 12, 2011

How to take notes (my way)

So I've been in college for a month now and the most important thing I've learned is how to take great notes so I decided to share my tips. You can take notes two ways on a computer or write them out I like taking my notes by hand because I feel like I learn better that way.

Head your paper
At the top of my paper I like to write the subject and section title for example: Biology Ch. 1 section 1 this way when I go back to review my notes I'll know what notes go with what section.

Colorful pens
Black pens bore me when I'm studying I find that if I write in a hot pink or purple pen I won't stray off and get distracted (I'm a sucker for colorful pens lol).

Color coordinate
I swear by color coordinating everything in my life keeps me organized what I do is write the title (Notes, places, people, & dates) in one color and write my actual notes in another color that coordinates (pink & purple or blue & green) this helps me study better instead of my notes being a one color if they're in different colors it'll be easier when it's time to highlight for a study guide.

I swear by highlighters without them I'd be lost use a highlighters that coordinates with your pen color and highlight any and everything you might think is going to be on a test.

I always used these tips in high school and now that I'm in college they've come in handy more than they did in high school, I hoped my tips helped some of you and that you use them and have a great school year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorority Sisters will be back September 12th!

We all decided to take a break while summer is coming to an end and school is starting. We'll be back at it again Monday, September 5th

For more info view the video here:

Now is your chance to join Sorority Sisters until August 28th! Then we'll have people be able to join again on Winter Break! :)

UPDATE: Due to the Hurricane we'll be back up Sept. 12th!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jen Saves Cash Going Back to School

It's time to go back to school and that means, shopping for school supplies! I recently went to my local Wal-Mart to get a few things I needed for my senior year of high school and I thought I'd share them with you all.
When it comes to school supplies I have made a habit to re-use things from previous years, this helps save my wallet some grief and really, who needs new coloured pencils or new highlighters every single year? That being said, let's get onto the mini haul of supplies!

This first essential that I re-purchase every year are binder's. For the past 2 years I have gotten these one's, they come in a pack of 3 of 1.5inch. These are great since I only take 4 classes a semester and 1 usually doesn't require a binder, or has a small work load. Last year they came in three different colours, which was even better, but this time they only had them in sets of the same colour. *$8

Something I don't buy every year, but needed a new one of this year, is a pencil case. This one has one large compartment that zips+velcro's closed. I love this color and the size because it's easy to carry around the halls just in your hand or to throw in your purse. *$5

Pens are something that I need to re-buy every year because I use them all the time and for everything. These one's are by BIC and they are just simple pens with the hand grip on them. I like to change up which one's I get each time, but these packages are great because the include blue, black and red and also, they were on sale! *$1 each

These are something extra that I bought just because they were on sale and are great for projects. These markers seems great because they are fine tip and come in an assortment of colours, they are the BIC Mark- it brand. *$6 (I think)

Sorry for the horrible photo of this one, but it's Bic highlighter's. This is something I do not re-purchase every year but the one's I had I have been using for 3 years and are partially dried up or completely empty. I love packages like this because they come with 2 yellow highlighter's which are more commonly used, by me anyway, so it helps make the package last longer! *$4

The error fixers! White-out and erasers are essential for every student and these are my favourite's. The eraser's are from the White Pearl brand and work great, they aren't the plastic one's that just rip off on your page, and they aren't the pink one's that really don't do anything except for smudge your work. The white-out is by Paper-Mate and they are small which is convient for pencil cases. This is the "tape" kind that you just roll onto your paper, I like these for copying notes and drafts for papers. I also use the liquid kind in pen form, which is great for things that aren't so urgent to be written, or smaller mistakes. *$4(W-O) *$2 (Eraser's, pk4)

Post-it flags are a life saver when it comes to textbooks and study nights. They are great for marking pages you used in class to make sure you go to the right one for homework, or to mark a page that your teacher read from to remind you to study that for a test. They also work great to stick onto your own notes just as a reminder. *$1

Scribbler's are usually optional for my study needs but when they're only 15cents, you can't go wrong! These are good for notes and ideas so they are handy to have around, and worst case you can use it as loose-leaf when you get low! *$0.15each

If I could only have one thing extra for supplies(besides pens, paper and binders) it would be a pocket folder! This little thing saves my academic life every single day of the school year. When each class ends, I put the homework for the class inside my folder and tuck it in the back of the binder for my next class. I do this throughout the whole day and by the time it comes 'homework time' I know where it all is, this also helps you not have to drag home all of your binders every night! This one is by Five Star which is a good quality brand that is sure to last me throughout the school year. *$4

Last, but not least, is my old supplies! This is just a few things I grabbed out of my closet that I will be re-using this year. Binders, dividers, coloured pencils, loose leaf, white paper, ruler, plastic covers, liquid white-out, mechanical pencils(I bought extras of these in this haul as well) and more post-it's.

If you thought I was crazy at the beginning of this post for re-using school supplies for more than one year, think about this. With everything I bought brand new this year it cost me under $40 dollars. This was for everything I needed, plus extra's that I just liked to have that may or may not make my studying any easier. When it comes time for me to start University, I'm going to have so many more costs that I won't be able to afford to spend $100+ on school supplies, not including textbooks, that's why I think it's great that I am able to cut back so easily now.
So after all this, how much did YOU spend on school supplies? ;)

xox, Jennifer

Monday, August 15, 2011

What's Bumpin' This Week

Hey guys!

So I don't have much to say this week because I'm not doing much but going to work and trying to make lists of what to buy for back to school. But I do like to listen to music and can tell you what I've been listening to non-stop this past month! So let's go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anna's Skincare Routine and Review

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a product line that I have absolutely fallen in love with.
First, I want to tell you that I am not affiliated in any way with the makers of these products and all my opinions are completely honest based on my personal experience. Also, all products that I am reviewing were purchased with my own money.
I have only personally used the products listed under the REVIEW section but I included information about other products offered in case you were interested.

Benefits of Visiting a College

There are many benefits of visiting a college in person and up close! A lot of my friends don't think it's important... but it is! You may find out that a college you LOVE isn't right for you after visiting the college, and that a college you thought you'd hate actually appeals to you more than any other! YOU get to find out first hand if it's right for you, and that's more valuable than anything...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dorm Drama Nightmares

On Tuesday of this week, I finally received my housing assignment! This can be both an exciting and nerve wracking time for any college student. Well, unfortunately, my worst nightmares came true. I was assigned one of the smallest and crowded dorms on my college’s campus! Now, I don’t mean to complain, but there is little to no storage, and our lofted beds can’t be de-bunked, which is scary for someone who’s almost 6 feet tall and delirious in the morning. I’ll need to invest in some more concealer for the bruises I receive on my head! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

College Haul!

I've been doing a lot of school shopping this month and thought I would share what all I have gotten. I move into my dorm next Sunday! I can't wait! Here are some of the things I have gotten over the last month, mainly they are from Target, Walmart, and Kohls. I have a lot of stuff already from last year I will be using again this year.

Navigating California's Colleges: CSU's vs. UC's

Hey, everyone! ( : This week I've decided to make a blog geared more towards high school students, but it would also be super helpful if you're looking to transfer to a university in California.

Types of Dorms

Dorm rooms can be tricky. You can usually request a building or living area you want to stay in, and the type of room you want. Some people might want to live in a single room close totheir classes, but others might want a double or triple that is closer to the sports field or dining hall ;). Regardless of your choices, you might not always getwhat you want...but here are some pro's and con's. Any living situation can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

Single Room: A single room can be pretty cool. You don't have roommates to worry about! You don't have to go through the stress of finding a roommate or getting stuck with someone you wouldnt be able to live with. You have alot of privacy and you can come and go as you please. If you wanted to have friends over, you could do so without having to check to make sure no one would mind. Sounds pretty great right? I wouldn't mind being in a single room especially because you'll still make a lot of friends on your floor or if you're in a suite. However, single rooms could get a little lonely since most peoples first few weeks will be spent with roomies because no one really knows each other yet. Also, single rooms are usually much smaller.

Why study abroad?

Hey everyone!

Since I'm going to study abroad in a few weeks I thought I would share my reasons to why I made that decision and maybe even encourage you to study abroad for a semester.

How to Make Your Freshman Year in College the Best it Can Be

Going into college in exactly 24 days from now, I am starting to think of new ways for me to stay organized with all of my school work, but also make it fun as well so I would want to study. Throughout this summer, I have been thinking about how I can make my freshman year in college the best it possibly can be. I am pretty much feeling every emotion possible about leaving for college. ( I am moving out of my city and into a state two hours away where I know absolutely nobody). I am feeling extremely excited to meet a ton of new people, but I am also nervous for the work load ( I am majoring in Nursing), sad to be leaving my family, and every other emotion possible. It will be a new feeling for me, but I am ready to deal with everything that comes my way this year. Here are is some advice/tips to make your first year of college memorable and worth it:

1. Try to meet as many people as possible. Get in contact with your roommate(s) over the summer to figure out who is bringing what. Take this time to get to know your roommate a little better and figure out their likes/dislikes, study habits, what they like to do, ect. When you move in, whenever that day may be, leave your door open if you are around. This will allow people to walk in and meet you. Also, try to meet all of the people on your floor. You may find some of your best friends right on the floor you are living on. These will probably be the people you hang out with during your first few weeks at school.

2. Study hard. College is probably going to be a lot different than high school and I can already tell that the workload is going to be a lot harder. I plan on using every single my resource has to offer me at school. Check to see if your school offers a writing center to help with those tough and dreadful essays. Maybe your school offers free tutoring to help you understand a topic better. Go visit your professors during their office hours to meet them and ask the any questions you may not have understood in class. I know that this year, I will put a lot more effort into my studying than I have been these past few years.

3. Color Code. I know that this year, I will be coloring coding all of my school work. I am taking 6 classes and have a notebook for each class that is a different color. To match, I have highlighters of the same color notebook to use when I am going over my notes. Sticky tabs/flags are also a good idea to mark pages in your textbook and notes of something you need to remember or to go over more in depth at another time. Everything I have got for school supplies so far all matches to a particular class.

4. Use flashcards. These are a lifesaver when going over important notes or vocabulary for a particular subject. You can get the bigger ones to write down a couple notes to help you remember them better or you can also write the definition of a word on one side and the actual word on the other. Whenever you have free time, take out the flashcards and go over them as many times as needed. These help so much with memorization.

5. Lastly, get involved at school. Join a club, organization, or a team. You will meet people who have the same interests as you and maybe make some good friends in the process. It will keep you out of your dorm and get you to enjoy your new life at college. There are so many opportunities to meet new people and to get out, so take every chance you get.

I hope this blog post helped you all in some way. I will be blogging weekly, so expect to see another post from me soon. Enjoy your Wednesday.
- Ashley.

Shannon's Thoughts

Yeah so I am the every other week blogger for Tuesday but I was planning to do a video but my mic doesn't work so I'm trying to work that out. Cause I'm recording from my computer webcam but the computer mic isn't working so I'm not sure why. If you guys know please comment below. I'm using Sony Vegas 10 to record :S

So I don't know what to type on this blog but it was my day yesterday and I feel bad...

College starts in like 13 days and I'm so nervous. I'm beyond scared and I feel so unready. I feel like I need to still get a lot more stuff and do a lot more stuff....

That is my thought right now and this blog post stinks... I'm very sorry everyone.

Btdubs I'm Shannon and I'm a freshman going to University of Maryland this coming fall *eeks!*

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dealing with Relationships

With the upcoming school year coming there's a lot on my mind and one of them is how I'm going to deal with being away from my boyfriend :'( It's 4am and I'm up writing this blog because it kinda helps me...Anyway back on topic I'm entering college a year early and my boyfriend is a senior in highschool, so how am I suppose to deal with being away from a guy I've seen everyday for almost a year? I came up with a few ideas :)

"Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it." -Thomas Fuller

Being Prepared Through Senior Year

If you are a high school senior you know that the end is near for our last summer before we graduate! The twelfth grade consists of a lot of interesting, stressful, and exciting events, and something that falls into all three of those subjects is planning for University. This blog post will give you the breakdown of steps to do for what could be very helpful to help you feel 100% ready by the time your throw up your grad cap.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Dress Up a Basic Tee Shirt

In college, we tend not always have time to plan out the perfect outfit in the morning or we forget to plan it out the night before so we tend to put on a simple such as a basic tee shirt either a v-neck or scoop neck. There are multiple ways to dress up a basic tee shirt and make the outfit look cute and look like you put an effort to make yourself look presentable.
1) Scarves! It is always easy to dress a plain tee shirt with either a colorful or printed scarf. It can really bring an outfit together and add pizzazz to it. Simple yet cute.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mixed Emotions of a College Freshman

As college is quickly approaching being a freshman I have many mixed emotions. In less than month I will be in this new place, and there is a ton of excitement, but as expected I'm very nervous too. Here I want to give you a glimpse of all the emotions going through my mind and how I hope to deal with them.

Krysten's Top 5 Fall Fashions

Here's a look at my top picks for back to school [fall] fashion. 

1. Ecote Navajo Surplus Jacket
Urban Outfitters - $89.00
This jacket is great for fall. Tribal/Indian print has been a big trend this past summer and I think it's here to stay (for a while longer at least). This gorgeous jacket could easily be paired with a simple outfit or dressed up a little to give it a more girly look. I think it's great for College, because it's such an easy piece that can be thrown on with anything. Also, it can be cinched at the waist to add figure.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Maddy's Closet Staples

1) Camisoles- Now I know every girl has a few in her collection, but I wear one EVERYday! They give great support (my favorite being the one’s with the built in bandeau from the So Brand, found at Kohls) and make me feel more put together when wearing loose tops or T-shirts.

College Shopping Discounts and Perks!

Did you know being a college student has it's perks?  Here a few places that give college students a discount or something special to help ease the financial pain while you shop until you drop! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Charlcie's Back-To-School Style

Hey everyone! For my blog post this week I wanted to share with you three outfits that I can't wait to wear at college this Fall.

Outfit #1

This outfit is awesome because it's really comfortable and cute. I'm wearing a really BRIGHT purple dress with a cargo jacket that I've rolled the sleeves up on. I also have on leopard print flats. Wearing bright colors with a print will definitely get you noticed
on campus, which is important when you're a new student, like me.

Five Fashion Essentials to Bring To School!

I was supposed to have this up yesterday, but I completely forgot.. I'm so sorry!

Even though I'm only in high school, I feel like these are some essentials you need to have for school/college!


These are so important, because if you buy those super skinny, tight, uncomfortable jeans and wear them to class, you’re going to be so uncomfortable and barely be able to sit down! So even though they might not be as “fashionable” buy at least one pair of regular boot-cut jeans! I promise your legs will thank me ;)

2. A cute sundress!

This is a really good idea of something to bring, because they’re so versatile! You can wear them to a less casual party, shopping, to class, on a date, to the movies… anywhere really! You can even wear them in the winter by adding tights and a light denim or leather jacket!

3. UGG (or knockoff!) boots!

I know some people think these are so ugly, but I personally think they’re really cute! Even if you think they’re ugly, they’re honestly the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear! They’re really good in the winter, as long as it’s not raining/snowy, to walk to class in!

4. A TON of basic t-shirts!

They might sound boring, but you’re really going to want them for class, those lazy days, and if you’re just sitting around studying. You aren’t going to want to dress up all the time!

5. Jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry!

These are sooo essential because they’re a really easy way to dress up any outfit! If you do decide to go with the basic t-shirt, jeans, and Uggs… then layer a bunch of necklaces, bracelets, and wear cute jewelry and you’re set

I hope you enjoyed this video, and that it helps a little bit!

Avoiding That Freshman 15

We all have heard it, the dreadful freshman 15. My friends and I joked about it during our senior year of high school, "We don't want to graduate and get fat!" Well in my experience, the freshman 15 is a myth. However, I live a very active lifestyle and eat pretty well, but here are some tips you can do to avoid that freshman 15.

1. Don't Buy It
This is as simple as it can get. If you don't have it in your room, you won't eat it. I know what you're thinking... I'm on my own! I can do what I want!! Well, lets be reasonable. We're in college now, so we have to make decisions on our own, good or bad. If you can have a mini fridge, keep it full of fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts, and water. It might be hard to keep fresh fruits as they don't last a very long time, but if your roommate likes the same things you do, you can split the cost and share them, so they won't go to waste. Try to limit the amount of juice you have as they are filled with sugar. Also, stay away from soda, or pop. I made a pledge to myself not to drink pop anymore, and I've stuck with that since my junior year of high school, maybe even when I was a sophomore, its been so long I can't even remember the last time I had a pop. But pop is the one thing you can keep out of your diet as they have so much sugar in it and the carbonation isn't great either. It stays in your body longer then you think. If water gets boring, go for green tea, or any tea just watch the amount of sugar in it. You can even keep a lemon in your fridge and put it in water.

2. Meal Plans
Usually when you're a freshman you have a meal plan through the school. They will usually offer many different varieties of food, and one rule of thumb is, don't eat every single thing in sight at one sitting. The food will be there from the very first day you move in until your last final, and believe me, the food gets pretty old pretty fast. Try to think what your mom would serve you for dinner and stick with that. I tried to hit every food group at each meal. Actually, I kind of turned into a vegetarian because I didn't like any of the food in our dining hall. I usually eat salads for my meals, unless there is grilled chicken available. Try to limit the amount of red meats as they are harder for your body to digest and they contain more fat. Don't eat anything fried, cooked in a lot of oil, or sweets. I would have a cookie or ice cream every now and then but it wasn't the only thing I ate. Also, try not to eat out every single night/weekend. Some restaurants offer good options, but most of their dishes are high in fats, salts, and calories. So if you do eat out, eat only half of your meal (unless you’re really really hungry, or don’t have a fridge), and then save the rest for another time.

3. Exercise
If you have a couple hours before a class, or you're so bored you don't know what to do, go for a walk or even a jog. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, the more the better. Going out for a run helped me relax and think from my day. I love working out so this wasn't a big deal for me, however, if you can't run for whatever reason, at least go for a walk. I enjoy being outside and I love the fresh air. This gave me some alone time and away from others for awhile. Most schools have a gym free for students so I would take advantage to that as gym memberships can be expensive. Take a friend out for a nice evening walk or go by yourself to enjoy nature and relax for the day.

4. Snacks
Everybody loves snacks, there's no doubt about it. Some snacks I had in my room were crackers, popcorn, rice cake snacks, pretzels, and peanuts. I didn't eat a lot of these, but when I did I had about a handful or so, I would never eat the whole bag in one sitting. I usually never had sugary snacks, however, the butter in some of these wasn't the best either. With snacking, it is best to eat fruits and veggies. I loved eating celery and peanut butter together for a quick and easy snack. I would also grab bananas, oranges and apples from the dining hall and have those as snacks as they last longer then some other fruits. I don't like to eat late, so I gave myself a rule of not eating past 8 pm, for example. When you eat right before bed the food can sit in your stomach longer and be made into fats quicker. When snacking, just do so in moderation.

These were some of the things I did to stay at a healthy weight. I didn't gain freshman 15. I stayed healthy and ate right for my body. The key thing is to eat in moderation, and don't pig out. Any questions, just ask :)
See you soon