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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kelsie's Dorm Tour!

Hey girls! How's school going so far? I'm having a wonderful time at school! This is my second year of university but my first year living in a dorm. I'm honestly loving every second of living in residence! I can't believe I didn't do this last year. My roommates are all awesome, as are my floormates. Here is a quick tour of my dorm. I apologize for the terrible quality. My camera is broken right now, so I have to use my cell phone camera which is all scratched!

My university offers three kinds of on-campus housing: traditional dorms, apartments, and townhouses. I'm living in the "traditional dorms." In the dorms, I'm living in a four-bedroom suite. So off the hallway you enter a common area, and then our four bedrooms.

Our common area is not very big at all, especially for four girls, so we didn't take much time to decorate it as we don't hang out in there a lot. Our floor common room is much nicer anyway. We did, however, take time the first week after we moved in to add some things to the bathroom and the kitchenette.

In the "kitchenette" part of the suite we keep our dishes (the four of us share dishes) and some boxes of cereal that we share. Under the sink we keep our pots and pans, blenders, toasters and whatnot.

We're not allowed to have a microwave or stove, but we are allowed blenders, toasters, and kettles, and our suite also came with a fridge. We are all on a mandatory meal plan, but we still like to have our own snacks and whatnot in our suite. I keep my perishable items in the fridge, and my non-perishable items in my room.

We have a huge bathroom for the four of us. We have two drawers by the sinks, and I'm the only one who keeps stuff in there. I keep my face clothes, skin care items, and some cotton balls, and my toothbrush/toothpaste in there. In the shower we have a hanging organizer that goes over the showerhead, where we keep our shampoos/conditioners and body washes.

I have a captain-style bed. I got my duvet, pillows, and this gorgeous duvet cover at Bed, Bath and Beyond. In the drawers underneath I keep my scarves/gloves, and my "delicates" ;)

In my wardrobe I have this awesome hanging organizational thing, where I keep my pants, shorts, skirts, and then all my shoes. I hang up all of my tops and dresses. In the two plastic tupperware containers on the bottom I keep my bags and purses. I also keep my yoga mat at the back of my wardrobe, behind my laundry basket. I keep my laundry detergent and dryer sheets in my laundry basket, so that when I want to go do laundry I just have to pick up my basket and I have everything I need ready to go! Clearly it's time for me to take a trip to the laundry room... Haha.

On top of my wardrobe I have three blue baskets. Basket #1 has my towels, a shower cap, and some lotion. Basket #2 is for hair: flatirons, curling irons, brushes, hair accessories. Basket #3 is for jewelry, and cotton balls/Q-tips.

On the back of my door I have a full-length mirror (which was already on the door when I moved in), my bathrobe, and a drawstring bag which has my school garb in it (a t-shirt with our school's mascot on it, and a couple other items with our school's logo).

My desk is the most cluttered part of my whole room, it drives me nuts! But it's only because I have so many books and binders! On the very top shelf I keep my flute (yes, I'm a music major), my foldable music stand, and all of my flute music. That tall box that's standing up was a gift from my mother, and that's where I keep all of my sentimental items (pictures and whatnot). Then I have my printer. I like to keep it on the top shelf so it's up and out of the way.

On the second shelf I keep all of my textbooks, notebooks, and binders (I have one notebook and one 1inch binder for each class), and I keep them organized by class so I can grab all the items I need for a class at the same time (as opposed to organizing them by type: books, binders, notebooks). Then I have my reference materials, my novels, and my DVDs. Then I have my two pencil cases, my make-up bag with my everyday stuff in it, and then I have my perfume collection, my fish food, a bottle of thermal water, and a little mirror.

On the desk top I have my pens/pencils/sharpies/post-its in an organizational thingy that came with a make-up case. I also have some pictures taped up of my family. I try to keep my desk clean and free of clutter, so I can study better.

In the top drawer of my dresser I keep all of my little school supply things: a rule, a 3-hole punch, safety pins, etc. In drawer #2 I have all of my important documents for school and work. In the bottom drawer I keep extra lined paper, extra printer paper, and all of my cords (phone charger, iPod cord, etc.)

This little end table is my favourite part of my room. This is where I keep my fish (Martin), two Roses (I have fresh flowers in my room at all times!), a clock given to me by a close friend, and a Febreeze flameless candle. This table always looks classy and clean, free of school work and extra junk. In the top drawer I have my entire make-up collection and nail polish collection, and the bottom drawer holds some miscellaneous things (fish bowl cleaning stuff, some unused make-up bags, that kind of stuff. Stuff I don't need often).

Last but not least, we come to my tv. It's sitting on top of a Rubbermaid 3-drawer organizer, which is where I keep all of my food that doesn't need to be refrigerated.

And that's it, folks! I love my room so much. This is the one spot in the whole world that's mine and mine only! I can't wait to see everyone else's room tours :)

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