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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money Money MONEY!! Ways to Save Up for College

We all love to have a load of money saved up just in case there is something we want to buy in the future, but now since college is coming up, saving is essential. Spending our money is not an easy option like it used to be.

The other night I decided to start adding up an estimation of how much my freshman year of college would cost, along with my senior year of high school. Here are a few of the estimations i came up with:

  • A laptop

  • A laptop Sleeve Protector

  • A wireless mouse
 (for dorm supplies)

  • Bathroom essentials

  • Kitchen supplies

  • Bed sheets, pillows

  • Storage

  • Decor/lighting

This sums up the supplies i had put into my cart on the shopping sites above. Total estimation price: $1509.55

This is not including books, new clothes, dorm rental, food, and the actual classes. Freshman year alone in college can come out to over $10,000. That is quite a chunk of money.

Also, senior year will cost over $1,000 because of Prom, Homecoming, Birthday, Holiday's, Class Ring, Graduation, etc.

Money goes fast, so I'm here to give you helpful tips on how to save up for high school and college.

  1. Get a part time job!- Getting a job may seem complicated due to the economy, but do not worry, there is always something out there! Getting a part time job on your college campus is also a very good idea, you get to stay at the school and not have to travel or spend more money on gas. It's also more convenient, and you have a better chance of not coming to work late.

  2. Become a representative!- Becoming a representative to a company can be very fun. The best companies to go to are Mark, or Avon. These two sites involve makeup and beauty. You can work at your own time, never get fired, and sell great products! Click on the company names above for more information.

  3. Sell stuff!- Selling anything you have is a great way to make money! You could have a yard sale to get rid of anything you don't need, or want. Also, Ebay is a great way to sell stuff. (helpful tip, whenever you see a clearance item when shopping that could make you a few bucks, buy and sell it online, you could make a great profit) Another great place to make money is at Plato's Closet. Click the company names for more info.

  4. Babysitting!- Babysitting is an easy way to earn cash. You can pet sit a neighbors dog, or babysit a relataves or friends child, there is always opportunities, just ask around!

  5. Just save!- If you can't do any of the above, then just save as much as possible! Save up all the money you receive for birthday's or holiday's. If you still want to spend, put a certain amount of money into a jar that you swear not to touch unless it is for college or high school necessities. Saving smart is the best way to go!

There is always a ton of opportunities to gain, and save money. Weather you have a job or not, you can always find a way to stash a few bucks for future needs!

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