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Friday, July 29, 2011

College Shopping for the University Procrastinator

Okay sisters, as July is winding down the pressure to have everything ready for move-in day is weighing heavily on our shoulders. And I know for some of you, this summer is flying by so quickly that you haven’t even had time to THINK about what you need for college. Thankfully, I have a few tips for getting everything you need at the last minute. 

Firstly, you need to make a list (whether it be on the back of a restaurant napkin when you have 5 minutes of time OR at home) of the things that you will not be able to access at school, such as a sturdy pair of boots, or a refrigerator/freezer. These will be the items you need to acquire as quickly as possible.
Nextly, (like that made-up transition? You’ll see it a lot, don’t worry) you’ll have to do some self evaluation. (Be warned, you might want to take a 5 minutes in solitude to do this) Are you the type of person who loses everything? And will therefore need to pack an extraordinary amount of pens to school? Do you need a clean space to work in to be academically successful? And will therefore need to buy storage containers? All of these questions are necessary to make sure you adapt your shopping list (mental or physical) to fit your specific needs. If you need a few extra ideas, here are a few examples:
*Will it bother me if my school things aren’t coordinated? (meaning decorations, pillows, sheets, covers, school supplies)
*Do I need to have a study plan before the semester starts in order to be successful?
*Do I need a plethora of school supplies to eliminate stress?
Lastly, you have to think logistically about the room you are staying in and it’s amenities that may allow or hinder what you can bring to school. Unfortunately, that does mean you might have to leave your extensive scented candle collection at home. But if you manage to complete this step with some time to spare, you may be able to come up with a suitable alternative, like a new collection of scented plug in air fresheners. Just review your student housing contract, and you should be good to go! If you still have no idea where to start, here are some samples:
*Do I share a bathroom with suite-mates or my whole floor?
*Is there a fridge/freezer or do I need my own?
*Does my meal plan cover all my meals? Aka, do I need non-perishable meals as well as snacks?
*How often do I eat, and how long do I want my food storage to last?
*Where are the outlets located?
*Do I need a surge protector?
*How many clothes will I need?
*What is the weather like in around the location of my school?
*Does my dorm allow enough storage for all my things?
After considering all of these questions, make a shopping list (or just wing it =D) keeping in mind what you need and what you can have. Don’t be afraid to go to multiple bargain stores to get the best prices, you just might find some good deals that allow you to splurge some where else. And even though you may arrive at school without a few items, you'll be able to pull from the resources around you. Not to mention, you will still be a prepared, but procrastinating diva on your first day!
Keep Smart, and Keep Sassy!

P.S Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @CollegeZebra, and my vlog YouTube channel for other tips on getting ready for college and much more at

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