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Sunday, July 24, 2011

8 Great School Orgazinational Tips

Hey girls! So I was thinking for my first blog post I would do it on school organization since everybody is going back to school soon I wanted to share my tips and tricks that keep me organized so let's get started!

I use binders, folders, notebooks, highlighters, paper clips, post-it arrows, a desktop calender, and a planner.

Binders: I use these to hold a folder, notebook, and loose paper I keep a couple pieces of loose paper in my binder specifically for in class work because I don't like ripping out paper from my notebook, I also keep a folder and notebook inside my binder that relates to that class so if I only have one class that day I can just take my binder and have everything I need.

Notebooks: I love notebooks they're like a mini binder they're light and don't take up a lot of space in my bag so I have one for each class, I use these for note taking only because it's just easier for me so I keep a notebook snapped inside of my binder.

Folders: Folders are a great way to stay organized I use them to store papers I got back, handouts, and homework that needs to be turned in. On the left side of the folders I have it marked as "Assignments that need to be turned in" and this is basically homework, take home test, and in class assignments that I finished in another class that I need to turn in, and on the other side I have it marked as "Returned assignments" and it's basically tests, homework, and any othe assignments that I've recieved. Every Friday I take out all of my assignments and file them away so I can use them when it comes time to take finals.

Highlighters: Possibly the greatest thing ever created! Highlighters make studying so much easier for me I'm a highlighter junkie I use highlighters mostly on my notes and study guides, I have a different color for each section and by the time I'm done my books, notes, and study guides look like a bag of skittles exploded on it. If I higlight a important date in blue in my book I make sure it's highlighted in blue on my notes and study guide, I have diferent colors for diferent sections Important dates are normally in blue, important people are in green, vocabulary words are in pink, important places are in purple and important concepts are in orange the bright colors draw in my attention while studying so I won't wonder off lol.

Paper Clips: I find myself using these more and more for my notebooks because when we're done with a chapter in class I'll paper clip everything I did for that chapter my notes, study guides, vocabulary words, section and chapter reviews and file them away again so I can look back on them when it comes times for finals and having these things on file to review on I find it helps me make better grades.

Post-It Arrows: These are so cute they're little post-its shaped like arrows I put them inside of my books or notes when I'm studying I only use these when there's a section that I feel like I really need to review again and they come in different colors so if you're like me you can color coordinate your highlighters and post-its.

Desktop Calender: I study at a desk like most students do and having a desktop calender is great I write down when a paper was assigned and when it needs to be turned in I write down important dates in school like test dates and review dates and you won't have to look at your phone or ipod to find out what the days date is so a desktop calender is a must in my opinion.

Planner: A planner is a must I started using a planner when I got in high school because I found out high school was a lot different than jr. high I write down all of my class assignments and homework in my planner, when papers are due, and important dates in school I also cross out every day on the calender side of planner to keep me on track and after I've done all of my assignments and homework for that day I always highlight it and that tells me that I've completed all of those tasks, you can get a mini planner or a full-size one or just use the one on your phone.

These little tips and tricks helped me survive high school and hopefully they'll help me in college and I hope you girls use these tips and they help you too.

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  1. I can't not reiterate the importance of a planner! Those things save my life! Walmart and Target make the cutest ones for maybe four to five dollars!

  2. These items are so important and I use all of them! One suggested item is a stapler, the paper pros that staple 10-15 pages are amazing. You need a stapler because I've had some psycho professors who actually won't accept paper clips!

  3. This is a great post! I agree with Jordan I always need to write things down in my planner, I will forget if i don't! Oh and I'm obsessed with post-its I always stick them in books or even on my wall/desk to remind me to do things!

  4. I agree with Nikki, a stapler is a MUST! I got a mini stapler at London Drugs for $5, and it came with 200 staples. I only bought it to use on one paper, but I ended up using it all the time.