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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top 10 Items I Found Useful At College

Hey everyone! As summer is coming to a close, that means school shopping is right around the corner! Here are some things I got last year as a freshman that I found very helpful and will be using again this year:

1. Yoga Mat

One way to stay in shape, is to do an ab work out, or a yoga routine. With a yoga mat, it adds cushion to your floor and it helps so your not laying on the nasty floor. These roll up nicely that you can store in your closet or under your bed. You could even use these to sit on if you're studying or watching TV with friends.

2. Mini Fridge
This does not have to be the fanciest fridge on the market. If your college allows you to have one, get one. They are super handy in keeping any fresh fruits or veggies, juice or milk, and water. If you need a late night snack and don't feel like running all over campus, it's right there in your room.

3. Disinfectant Wipes
Yes this may sound a little strange, but if you have a tiny room, and you and your roommate have a lot of stuff, then your room will become very, very dusty. I used these wipes about once a week just to keep the dust off my desk. They aren't messy and dry pretty fast. I also used them to disinfect the door knob whenever someone was sick.

4. Over-The-Door Rack
These were a life saver for me. Especially in the winter time, I could hang up my coat on this with any scarves or hats. I also kept my robe on it, and some hoodies for when I got cold. If your closet has a door, I would pick one of these up.

5. Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer
Now I did not use mine for shoes. I used it to store little things that I would need on a daily basis. I kept my toothbrush and toothpaste in one slot, my straightener and hair supplies in another, a lint roller, and well you get the idea. I put mine inside my closet and it helped expand the size of my storage.

6. In Closet Sweater Organizer
Definitely a must for a small closet. I used mine to store all of my more tight fitted t-shirts. I also stored some hoodies, and personal items. Mine had a velcro strap that straps around the closet bar, and as full as i had it, it did not come lose. This helped make my closet have more room to hang up jeans and dresses, and gave me more space to store my shirts.

7. Storage Fabric Bin
You can pick one of these up anywhere this time of year. I used mine last year to store non-refrigerated foods in such as cereal, crackers, peanut butter, ect. They are small enough to fit under a bed or under a desk, but they are still deep enough to store whatever you need. Now that I'm home for the summer, I also use this a shoe holder. It can hold a lot of shoes and again, taking up less space.

8. Vacuum
I got an ecofriendly vacuum for my grad party, and I must say it came in handy a lot. As us girls have longer hair, it will start getting everywhere in your dorm! But if you have a vacuum you get clean it up and have the cleanest room in your hall! Mine runs on its own energy, no batteries, no power cords. It is small enough to store when it's assembled or its easy enough to take it apart and store it that way.

9. Shower Caddy
If you're lucky enough to have your own bathroom, you may even still want to pick one of these up. They are super handy to storing your shower needs, and they are nice to have if you have a community bathroom. They keep all your shower things in one location, so your not searching the bathroom all over for them. I had a community bathroom my freshman year and my caddy came in handy and I had no worries of dropping anything in the hall.

10. Piggy Bank
I had mine filled with so many quarters so I could do laundry. I would start saving up your quarters now, and why do it with a cute piggy bank. It adds some decorating to your room as well as a place to store all those quarters.

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  1. hey,i love your blog and espicially this post,would you have to bring like chairs and furniture?because my cousin took a sofa,i'm not in college yet but I love reading about it,i'm only 13 haha:L

    and please check out my blog,or even my beauty channel on youtube (links are in my blogs;))

  2. Hey! You can totally bring furniture if you wish, but I would first make sure you know what your room looks like and to make sure it would fit. I would recommend bringing a computer chair because the ones they may give you are not comfy at all! And for a sofa, if you have room for it I say why not!