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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Essentials for College Freshmen!

Hey everyone! As college is approaching, you've got a lot of things to worry about, but with this simple fashion guide on some essentials, your clothing will not be one of them!


1. Basic Tank Tops: Start off with something simple! Tank tops are great for college because they can be worn alone or under other tops, making them very versatile! Plus, there are so many tank top styles, so you can let your inner fashionista shine!

2. Jeans that fit: A fresh start in school means a fresh start in jeans! Make sure you have at least 2 or 3 well-fitting jeans. You don't want anything too tight or too loose. With jeans, there are so many different washes and styles. Personally, I would recommend avoiding any jeans with lots of holes or tears, as this can make a cute outfit look... well.... not so cute.

3. Huge purse: I recommend a huge purse, so that no matter where you're going, you can fit everything! I sometimes even put my books or laptop in my bag! It's also helpful to have a zipper, so that nothing falls out!!

4. Ballet Flats and Flip Flops: Ballet flats and flip flops are perfect for wearing to class, to parties, or just around the dorm! Ballet flats can help either dress up simple shorts or dress down a fancy dress, making them an essential for college! Flip flops are perfect because they don't take up much closet room and are easy to wear!

5. Simple Skirts: I recommend buying a few simple skirts before starting college. They are so easy to pull off and can really make your outfit look amazing! They're perfect for class, parties, or even dates!

6. Jackets/Cardigans: Depending on the weather, you may want to invest in a great winter coat (I recommend North Face). However, if you're like me and live in a warmer climate, cardigans are great for the random chilly days! They dress up any outfit, are comfy, and come in so many colors!

7. Heels: I recommend buying a few great pairs of heels before heading off to school. You can buy wedges if you're not comfortable with walking in heels, too! Heels really dress up any outfit and often complete the look!

8. Everyday Dresses: Dresses are a life-saver in college! Just throw one on with a pair of flip flops or flats, and you look so cute! You can buy strapless, one-shouldered, or even a maxi dress- just as long as you feel comfortable in it!

9. Sweats: Sweatpants, sweatshirts, and/or yoga pants are a must when it comes to college! They are perfect for sleeping in and working out in! I like to buy the sweats and yoga pants from Victoria's Secret PINK because they're so cute and comfy (plus, you can buy sweats from VS PINK with your school logo on them)!!

10. Dressy Tops: Dressy tops are absolutely necessary for college because they take a boring look from drab to fab in seconds! I recommend Forever 21 if you're in need of a lot of new tops, as F21 is very cheap. If you want really nice tops, check out Anthropologie, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdale's!

This list is made of simple suggestions, based on what I think every incoming freshman needs to start off a great year! Feel free to use all of the suggestions, or just a few! College is all about letting your inner fashionista shine, so don't be afraid to wear what you want! I hope this helps some of you freshman and feel free to contact me if you want any more help!



  1. Hey Serena!

    At my school, I usually only see the art students dress the way that you listed above! That's what I really love about the art school, they actually try to look nice! Otherwise, every one else is in nike shorts, tshirts, and sneakers. The things you listed are mainly for going out. But it's so hot in the south, so it makes sense.

    But what I think every college girl should invest in is some athletic sneakers. The nike lunar glides are super cute and super light for trekking around campus!

  2. Love all of your recommendations Serena! :)

  3. Those heels are soooo gorgeous!