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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tips for Freshman Dorm Shopping

As a incoming freshman dorm shopping can seem overwhelming, between how much money is being spent and figuring out what to bring. Here are some quick tips and some of the great finds I discovered while starting  my shopping!

Tips:- Watching dorm hauls on youtube can be very helpful and give you ideas by seeing what other people have bought. Check out Taylor's "What to Bring to College" series, it helped me alot!

-Also be aware of what things NOT to bring, so you don't waste your money. If you aren't sure whether something is allowed or not contact your college.

- Communication: once you find out your roomate, make sure to communicate with them on whose bringing what. There are many items that you only need one of such as; mircowave, fridge, T.V and you will want to split up the cost of who can get each item.

My Mini Haul:
I have more preparing to do before I leave for college, but these are just a  few things I found the other day for some great prices.


Since I know there  won't be much space when living in a dorm, I was looking for some storage.
I found this set at Big Lots for only $12! It includes a laundey bag, 8 shelf hanging shoe unit, 4 shelf hanging organizer, 16 pocket hanging organizer. and a cubical cloth bin. There were many other storage one piece units for almost the same cost, so if you can find a whole kit like this it's a great way to save some money.


This lamp was about $10 at walmart, I chose the purple one but there were several other colors.
What I like about this lamp was not only was it affordable but also has a rotating base with storage slots. There is also an outlit on the base that you can use as a charging unit.


When living in a dorm I'm going to be sharing a bathroom down the hall with several other girls. I needed something  to store all my toiletries that would be easy to grab and bring to the shower. I found this cute flexible basket for $1 at the dollar store!

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