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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Decorating with Dalin: Personalized Bulletin Board!

Hey guys! This Sunday, I'm going to guide you through a simple tutorial on how to make your own personalized bulletin cork board (which is super handy for posting up reminders and memorable photos!) which is suitable for ANYONE - whether or not you're in high school or college (:

Here's how mine turned out!

If you want to see how I made it, read forward =)

Ok, so here's a list of materials... Note that you can DO WHATEVER you wish! You don't have to get exactly the same things I used.. it's totally up to you!

-Cork Bulletin Board (one with a border is needed for this tutorial. check target, walmart, michaels, etc. a medium size should be around $8-12)
-Acrylic Paint (small tube is like $1 at michaels)
-Paintbrushes and Cup with Water
-Fake flowers ($1-2 at michaels or a dollar store)

1. Ok, so the bare cork board should look like this.

If you want your border to be a color besides white or black, use white acrylic paint for a base. So using the brush, I just painted the border white for the first coat. If the paint seems to get dry, just dip your brush in the water (: After letting the first coat dry, THEN use the color paint you actually want the border to be (in my case, it's a purple). With the white underneath, the purple will show up so much better!

2. After letting the second coat dry, your border should be all done! Adds a great pop of color against that boring, plain brown cork color. Now to spice it up a little bit, just simply cut pieces of your fake flowers. Mine were made of wire inside, so it was a bit of a struggle cutting up haha.

3. Once you cut it, you can simply wedge your flower into the border. There should be a small crack so you can just push the flower through to make it stay in its place.

(hopefully you can see there is some space between the border and actual board)


4. Now you are ready to decorate your bulletin board! Just simply add photos, lists, cool charms, etc! I even added my necklaces! (haha, and the pikachu picture was drawn by my friend!)

5. Now to hang it up, my board has these two hooks (any cork board should come with a hook or something like that) so I was able to simply weave a ribbon through the hooks and tied it!
For those in college who can't have nails on the walls, simply use a command hook to hang it up.

YAY! You're done! Hopefully, it wasn't too hard... it's actually pretty simple hehe. You can also decorate your border and put other decorations than flowers! This is just how I personalized mine (:

I also make videos for sorority sisters monthly, and I'm thinking of doing another DIY tutorial! Who knows? Thanks for reading and hopefully this gave you ideas to decorate your dorm/bedroom !

OH! And by the way.. here's what my room looks like now. All packed up and ready to go for college!

Haha it looks so sad! Maybe I'll do a haul as well (:

-Dalin <3

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