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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back To School Fashion: The Blazer

Hey girls!

In this post I want to talk about one of my favorite fashion items which is the Blazer. In my opinion it's also a perfect back to school item because it gives an academic and elegant look and will never go out of style. I personally feel instantly more sophisticated when I throw on a blazer. The great thing is also that you can combine it with basically anything, from flowy dresses to simple jeans.

Anyways there are many different kinds of Blazers, but I know some girls that when they hear the word blazer are instantly put off. "No way, that would make me look so stiff / old fashioned / overdressed." But as I said there are so many different shapes, and they all give different looks. There is definitely a Blazer for everyone, even if your style is more casual, jeans and t-shirts like.

I looked through the Blazers I own and divided them into three categories:

1st Category

These Blazers will definitely give you a very academic look and the little details on the blue and white Blazer like the buttons gives it a very chic and valuable touch. They will dress up any outfit but what I really like about the blue and and the grey Blazer is the modern shape. They are shaped like boyfriend blazers and are longer than the regular blazers which gives you a modern and young look while still looking mature. I wear these instead of jackets in the fall and spring aswell when it's chilly outside.

What I wear with them:
  • simple black and white dresses
  • jeans and simple tank tops / shirts
  • shorts
  • leggins or tights with longer shirts

2nd Category

This is the second group of blazers and although they don't have small details like the ones I showed you in the first group, they will still give you a sophisticated business / university look. They are both short fitted and the black one is basically the traditional black blazer. In my personal opinion it's the same as with little black dresses - every woman should have one. When I had a presentation in school, I would throw this over my outfit and feel more self confident and I really feel that it also sends a message to the teacher, it's like showing them that you take this serious and that you even want to show that in your outfit.

I also really like the beige one, because it's a very calming and subtle color and not as harsh as the black one. It lookes great with blonde hair but also contrasts perfectly with brunette hair and goes great with olive skin.

What I wear with them:
  • simple dresses
  • flowy dresses!
  • Jeans and simple tank tops / shirts
  • shorts
  • leggins or tights with longer shirts
  • skirts (I never did, but you could wear it with them, it's a great business look)

3rd category

The last group of Blazers is in my opinion perfect for those who don't really like the shoulder pad like looking blazers and just want to dress up their outfit a little bit. I often wear one of these three blazers while going out with friends for dinner or to the movies. The white one looks great with a dark skinny jeans (or jeggings) and a tight black top or with flowy dresses! The grey one for example looks great with a simple white dress (not super tight) and black open toe ballerinas.They are very short and have shorter sleeves as well. They are tight fitted and are in my opinion perfect for teenagers / young adults! :)

What I wear with them:
  • flowy dress
  • jeans and simple tank tops/ shirts

That was it! I hope this was helpful and that maybe some of you feel inspired to try out different kinds of blazers or find it easier now to choose the perfect blazer.

All the blazers in the pictures are either from H&M or Zara, so they are affordable and also available in the US! (Only the white one is from a different store that is not international)

If you have any questions let me know!

Saskia Elena

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