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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Buying School Supplies?!

When it comes to summer, one of my favorite things to do is buy school supplies, but I hate spending a fortune. In this post I will share with you some great deals I’ve found and some tips on what you should and shouldn’t buy. I will be showing you 16 different items that I bought at Staples for ridiculously great prices (items were bought over three shopping trips).
Towards the end of the summer Staples has some amazing back to school deals (Note: some items require a minimum purchase of $5* and a few items require I mail in/email in rebate**. My purchases were not hindered by that). Since I don’t like to spend a lot on school supplies I try and stock up at this time, that way whenever I need something throughout the year I can just head over to my stock pile and pick out whatever I need. A few items will be donated to a charity or a local family.
Down below is a picture of all that I bought. Can you guess how much I spent on all of these items?

TOTAL: $21.72! Yup that’s right. Just over $20 and the only thing I have left to buy are some pencils and paper. Now I will give you a detailed look at how much each item cost me. Then I will give you some tips that I’ve learned when it comes to shopping for school supplies.

A. 2 pencil sharpeners (2 sized) – 50 cents each
B. 5 pack of highlighters** – FREE!
C. 2 scissors – 50 cents each
D. 120 sheets of photo paper** - 50 cents a pack
E. 6 Notebooks (personal fav) – 33 cents each
F. 2 Avery binders - $1 each
G. 2 pencil cases – 25 cents each
H. 2 4-packs of glue sticks - $1 each
I. 2 bottles of glue* - 1 cent each
J. 2 5-packs of sharpies - $1 each
K. 2 8-packs of pens – 10 cents each
L. 2 packs of cap erasers* – 1 cent each
M. 2 folders (1 pocket & 1 presentation) – 25 cents each
N. 2 packs of copy/printer paper (1,000 sheets!)** - 50 cents each
O. 3 Notebooks – 50 cents each
P. 2 clear view Avery binders - $2 each

Tips/Advice for you

1. As I said before I love to save money, but one thing I won’t be cheap about is folders. You know those folders that you can buy on sale for about 10 cents? I would not recommend buying them. They are thin and super cheap. My guess is they will hardly last you the semester. I would recommend getting the thick plastic folders. Yes they are a bit pricey (around $2), but will be worth the money over the long run. I still use the ones I’ve had since high school (& I’ve been out of high school for three years). Here are pictures of the folders I’m talking about: (1st being the cheap and 2nd being the kind I recommend).

2. When it comes to notebooks, these are my favorite kind to get. They were only 33 cents on sale and they are great quality! I love having these around the house. Whenever I have a need to start a new notebook I always have a few lying around.
3. My favorite type of binder to buy is the 1 inch Avery brand with the clear sleeves on the outside. They are great quality and last a long time. I also like this type because the rings of the binder are placed on the back of the binder instead of on the thin middle strip. This is better because your paper doesn't curl when the binder is closed. I like the to decorate the outside by either making a collage or putting some type of picture in it. Here is a picture of how I've done mine for this year.

Check out next weeks staples add for some great deals: Click here for link

Well this concludes my first blog post for Sorority Sisters. I hope you've enjoyed it and that you've found it helpful. If you have any questions or ideas for future posts feel free to email me at: :)

- Krysten <3

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  1. that's amazing! i have yet to go school supply shopping i guess i should get on that!