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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to College Sororities

Thinking about joining a sorority while in college? Well I'm going to show you what sorority life is exactly all about!

Please Note: Sororities are not what movies make them out to be its not about boys, sex, parties, poularity, or rank at all. A lot of people miss out on this awsome opportunity becuase they believe these lies. Being apart of a sisterhood is sharing a bond with women who share the same interest as you and work together to achive a greater good to support and represent your
college/ university, community, and the sorority itself.

My Experience

*During the week of band camp my freshmen year of college, a few of my friends and I met a group of girls, they were nice,friendly and shared our passion for music.We started talking about all things music related, boys, food, and life. We all had a lot in common and became close friends very quickly. I assumed that these girls were in some type of group because they would all wear shirts with the same lettering on it almost half of the girls in band had these letters on their garments on including both drum majors!!. I've asked the ladies about it which all of them have nothing but nice things to say about this organization. This organization is called SAI (Sigma Alpha Iota) a fraternity, yes I said fraternity for women who have an interest in music.
This surprised me none of these ladies seemed to be the stereotypical sorority girls nor did I know that there was an organization like this that was based upon my major. My friends and I asked even more questions out of sheer excitement. Being a bit skeptical at first I began going to rush events. I then later joined and became a sister Spring semester of 2010 and currently holding a leadership position.

My sorority has changed my life. I have learned to work with people that i thought i never would, I have grown as a leader, made amazing friends I would not change anything if I had the chance, I would do it all over again! SAI has been the best experience of my life and I would recommend joining a sorority/fraterntity it to everyone!!!




*COST ( the cost of membership can be pricey depending on which sorority you decide to join. The cost of membership is more than what it cost when you are an actual sister this is not the case all the time again varies by organization. )
Note that if you plan to live in a sorority house you MAY have to pay extra to do so.

To me the pros out way the cons :) Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. I'm scared of the stereotype
* It doesn't matter, no one cares... don't let it bother you if it does, remember everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

2. I'm not comfortable with girls i don't know
* Don't worry relax try to be open just remember this is an awesome opportunity to make friends!

3. What about Girl drama?
* All girls experience drama doesn't matter if your in a sorority or not. Just think about it if you have a disagreement with your sister/friend no matter how bad it is she is still there for you, the person you can always share your heart with ...I'm getting a bit mushy :*)

4. I don know if i can pay for it
* Don;t worry there are many options, you can wait a semester or two to save up, ask for funding assistance, or pay on refund check day ( the best day of the semester lol).

5. Are there sororities based on my major?
* Yes I'm a music education major and SAI is an organization for women who have an interest in music. There are organizations that you can join that are relevant towards your major you just have to look.

6. Is i wort it?
* Yes, I've made and gained alot of contacts, networking opportunities, friends, and sisters throughout this experience and you will too!

7. I like the the idea of a sorority but I don't think its for me.
* Its okay sororities are not for everyone, in no way am I trying to force you to join one, at lease attend some rushes so you can know for sure :)


1. Be open to the experience don't shut it down because you THINK you may not like never know.
2. There are tons of college sororities so don't limit yourself to one explore them all to find your perfect fit.
3. Get to know the sisters, the more effort you put in to trying to get to know all the sisters will only increase your chances into getting a bid.
4 Going to rushes is a wonderful opportunity for you,your roommate,and friends to have something to do outside of the dorms.
5.Make sure you have some devoted time for a sorority.

Let's be friends!!

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