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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting To Know Your Roomies!

Hey all! I'm so excited that this is my first blog post for Sorority Sisters! Thinking back to last year around this time I was a mix of emotions knowing that in August I would be moving out and going to college. I was excited, anxious, scared, nervous, and already stressed! Now see if you are an incoming freshman you are only lucky girl...maybe boy since you have the help of us awesome ladies to guide you through the "need to knows" about college and you won't have to worry about feeling like emotional wreck like I was!

Now that I got my little intro schpeel (did I spell that right lol?) over with I'm going to talk to you about my biggest worry over the summer. ROOMMATES!Running through my head continuously was: would she be nice? would we get along? would she be anti-social and quiet? would she be psychotic?

About 3 weeks before move in I found out who my roommates were. As soon as you find our her or if there's more than one, their name(s), FACEBOOK STALK THEM and add them! :) As creepy as it sounds, yes Facebook stalk them! Through their pictures find out their interests or what they seem to be like. Two of my roommates were cheerleaders like me which made for a great ice breakers. We were all from different states so we talked about that.

Once all of us were Facebook friends, we immediately made a mass message between the 4 of us and got to know each other a little more. We also discussed things like who would be bringing a TV for our room, or who got the top or bottom bunk. Basically get to know them so that on move-in it won't be insanely awkward. Also it might be a good thing to exchange cell phone numbers.

Other questions you may want to consider asking them are:
-what are your hobbies and interests?
-what are hours you usually study? sleep?
-is it all right to borrow each other's personal belongings?
-when can guests be in the room?

*Remember* Communication is key to having a good roommate relationship!

On move in day I was texting my roommates the entire drive to school. I was the first to get to our dorm building and I had to sign out a bunch of papers and I look up and I saw my roommate walk in. I shouted her name she came up to be and we hugged and honestly because we had been talking since day one it felt like I had known her for more than that 1 minute when she walked in!

You really want to start off on a good clean slate with your new roommate(s). They don't know anything about you aside from what they see on your facebook and your conversations. It's your chance to start fresh in college!Hope this blog helped with any roommate questions you may have had!

Bye for now loves :)
xo Sorority Sis Em

This is a picture of me and 2 out of the 3 of my roommates on Halloween!


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  2. hey em! i think it's spiel, but i really like the way you spelled it lol!

    i agree with your post! think everyone should be aware that communication is a huge part of having the best relationship with your roommate(s). after all, you're gonna have to deal with them for the whole school year! and it is super tedious to switch rooms. at my school, we have to fill out multiple documents and then the person who wants to move has to move all their stuff. and it sucks when you're switching dorms. you don't realize how much stuff you have!

    and i think people should also be aware that some roommates are just not compatible. my roommate last year would show up at god awful hours of the night, bang on the door, and then disappear for weeks at a time! it was super annoying, ruined my schedule, and just all around sucked.

    all in all, optimism is key! these new people could end up being some of the closest people a person could have!

    twitter: whatjordansaid

  3. I agree with you 100%! It just so happens that I actually had to switch rooms mid semesters in the fall because of one of my roommates who was not in the picture. I might save the story for another time because it's really long but I will say that she indirectly made her FB status towards me saying she was making destruction plans and told my other roommates and quad mates she was going to make my life a living hell! I switched rooms 2 days later! Took forever but so glad I switched! It just sucks because I was really close with my other roommates and I had to leave because of her.

  4. That's a crazy story! I'm glad everything worked out in the end though! My roommate was just super shady and always crying on the phone with her mom when she decided to show up. And she just had no respect for other people, it was too ridiculous. Luckily this year I have roommates with friends that are actually really cool :)

  5. Thanks and that's great you are gonna have good roommates this year! I'm looking forward to living with my roommate this year too. We went to high school together and never talked until college but she's really sweet so I think we will have no problems living together!