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Monday, August 8, 2011

Being Prepared Through Senior Year

If you are a high school senior you know that the end is near for our last summer before we graduate! The twelfth grade consists of a lot of interesting, stressful, and exciting events, and something that falls into all three of those subjects is planning for University. This blog post will give you the breakdown of steps to do for what could be very helpful to help you feel 100% ready by the time your throw up your grad cap.

Senior year is a busy year, so sometimes it helps to have something to keep you on track so you don’t leave everything to the last minute and so you can feel more relaxed and prepared. This list is a combination of my own thoughts, as well as information from Maclean’s Guide to Canadian Universities. This is a great book that has really helped me gather information for local schools and also every concept of University life- on campus and off campus, as well as during the school year, and vacations.

September :

Narrow down your choices – Know what the school’s offer. Applying to school’s can be pricy, so make sure you are only apply to the school’s that offer what you are looking for, and those that would be best suited for you.
Know the Deadlines – Scholarships and applications often have deadlines. It may help to make a list and put each in order so that you can get each done on time.

Visit the School. – This is around the time that schools begin having their campus tours. It is important that you know where you will be spending the next few years of your life, and this may be a great way to meet new people!

October :

Apply! – Depending on the school, this is usually the time that school’s allow you to begin applying. Get it out of the way early, so you have time to perfect your forms and make sure they are sent in on time.

Reference Letters – Some school’s ask for reference letter’s from employer’s or teacher’s, make sure you give that person lots of time to get this done, they probably have more than just you asking for the letter.

*Remember to continue to apply for scholarships!

December :

Last Chance - It’s Christmas break, and although you want to be spending time with friends and family, it is time to stop putting off your applications. It won’t be long before school’s stop accepting, so be sure to get in your applications before the new year.

March :

You’re Accepted! – If you applied early, you should be accepting your letters from the school around this time.

Registering for Classes – Look through the school websites, books, pamphlets, and social media pages to see the ins and outs of each class. You will be devoting a lot of time and money to these courses, so you want to make sure it is what you want.

Housing on Campus – If you are staying on campus, you want to make sure you send off your housing preferences. It is often first come, first serve! If you are living off campus, you may want to visit the school’s housing services on their website, they can help you find roommates and listings.

May :

Looking at the Cost ­– Add up the costs of what it will cost you to actually go to University. You can visit your high school counselors for help or there is a great website call CanLearn that can help!

Loans – Lots of students take out federal and provincial loans, and this is the time to start the applications and send off the requests.

Transition Programs – Your school may have a transition program to help you get the feel of leaving home and going off to school, if you are one who often gets homesick, this may be helpful for you to look into.

June :

More Fees! – High School is coming to an end, and it is the perfect time to check out your Universities website to check out deposit deadlines to make sure they are sent in on time.

August :

Almost There – Time to gather everything you need for your dorm, or housing, and all school supplies. It is best to start getting these things earlier in the year, but this is the time to make sure you have everything that you need!

Roommates – Whether you are on or off campus, you may be living with someone you have never met before. Be sure to contact them, facebook is a good start, and get to know them! It is also good to figure out who is bringing what, such as TV, microwave..

Last Step – Pack! It’s time to pack up your childhood bedroom and all of your school things. It is important to get the things you won’t need up until the day(bedding, furniture, school supplies) packed early, so it is already done. Then you have less to worry about when the day comes to leave.

Here is a list of some website that may also help you get through this monthly guide, keep in mind that they are Canadian and may not apply to everyone.

Career Cruising -- Amazing Website!

Keep in mind that this is from a Canadian book, and I am still in High School so I have no yet gone through this list of actions. For those of you who are already in college, it would be great to see your comments to add to this list, or just your experiences! Thanks!

- Jennifer

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