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Friday, August 5, 2011

Maddy's Closet Staples

1) Camisoles- Now I know every girl has a few in her collection, but I wear one EVERYday! They give great support (my favorite being the one’s with the built in bandeau from the So Brand, found at Kohls) and make me feel more put together when wearing loose tops or T-shirts.

2) Babydoll Tops- I looove these. They fit perfectly for my body type, and look great paired with shorts during the summer or skinny jeans during the winter! They even look great with flyaway sweaters and long cardigans. LOVE.

3) Skinny Jeans- Now, my philosophy is that everyone can wear skinny jeans. And to tell you the truth, I think fuller women look even BETTER in Skinny Jeans! They make an outfit automatically more put together and can be worn with virtually any top, or even a short dress! I always pair them with ballet flats or moccasins, and during the summer, flip flops of all colors!

4) Moccasins- You can get these almost anywhere (I got mine from Target) and they’re a perfect way to make sure your casual look looks more put together. I love wearing them with skinny jeans, and they are sooooo comfortable to walk in, perfect for walking around your college campus. (Sperry’s work for this purpose too, but I prefer my Moc’s =D)

5) Converse-To tell you the truth, I try to avoid wearing generic sneakers unless I’m working out. With my size feet, they seem to make them look more bulky and look ridiculous with all my skinny jeans. So, the next best option is Converse! I absolutely loooove Chuck’s, and wear them most often during the school year since they are super comfortable to walk around in. I go for the low top ones nowadays since I’m too lazy to lace up the Hightop ones, but if you’re willing to put in the extra time, they look even better!

6) Flyaway Sweaters- THESE ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS. I love, love, love, love, (did I mention love?) these sweaters. I have an assortment and are the perfect accessory over camis, tanktops, regular sweaters, t-shirts, babydoll tops, and anything else you can imagine. <3

7) Waist Belts-These are super perfect in pulling together any look, including oversized tops and flyaway sweaters.

8) Hoop earrings- Although I don’t often wear jewelry, I always have a pair of hoop earrings in my collection. Larger ones look awesome and stand out if you have thick hair, and smaller ones look great with your hair pulled up or in a side braid.

9) Peacoats- These are virtually the only winter jackets I wear. I have one in purple and green and they’ve lasted me two years so far! These are super durable, and they come in bright colors to dazzle your dreary winter days. They also look fabulous on every body type!

10) Thin Jackets- I get these in a cotton fabric, with a cinching at the waist. They often come with big pockets (which are supper convenient) and one of mine even has a hood you can zip and unzip, and stuff into the collar! They are also perfect for the slightly chilly days of fall, and end of summer cool nights. Which makes them a perfect addition to back to school looks!

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