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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Dress Up a Basic Tee Shirt

In college, we tend not always have time to plan out the perfect outfit in the morning or we forget to plan it out the night before so we tend to put on a simple such as a basic tee shirt either a v-neck or scoop neck. There are multiple ways to dress up a basic tee shirt and make the outfit look cute and look like you put an effort to make yourself look presentable.
1) Scarves! It is always easy to dress a plain tee shirt with either a colorful or printed scarf. It can really bring an outfit together and add pizzazz to it. Simple yet cute.

2) Jewelry! Add a chunky necklace or a bib necklace to accentuate the outfit. Feel free to also layer necklaces.Simply add some very exotic earrings such as peacock or other types of feather earrings. Add a pair of bright dangle earrings that compliment the color of your tee shirt. It's all about statement pieces.
3) Belts! A unique waist belt is great because when others notice your outfit their eyes will focus on the belt. They are available in many colors, so choose the one that compliments the color of your tee shirt.It also makes the waist look slimmer which is a plus.
4) Cardigans! Pair a floral or printed cardigan with a plain tee shirt is always a great option. An example would be a leopard print cardigan paired with a plain white v-neck. It screams cute yet casual and comfortable.
5) Hair Accessories! Wear a large bow or a skinny headband. Whether it is a floral, neutral color, or a color that matches your color, it adds flare to an outfit. If you don’t like headbands you can wear hair clips or hair pins.

Forever 21, Wet Seal, Papaya, and Target have great inexpensive prices on all of these items including the tee shirt itself which are beneficial for college students with a budget.

I hoped this helped.
If you have other suggestions feel free to contact me :)

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