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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shannon's Thoughts

Yeah so I am the every other week blogger for Tuesday but I was planning to do a video but my mic doesn't work so I'm trying to work that out. Cause I'm recording from my computer webcam but the computer mic isn't working so I'm not sure why. If you guys know please comment below. I'm using Sony Vegas 10 to record :S

So I don't know what to type on this blog but it was my day yesterday and I feel bad...

College starts in like 13 days and I'm so nervous. I'm beyond scared and I feel so unready. I feel like I need to still get a lot more stuff and do a lot more stuff....

That is my thought right now and this blog post stinks... I'm very sorry everyone.

Btdubs I'm Shannon and I'm a freshman going to University of Maryland this coming fall *eeks!*

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