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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mixed Emotions of a College Freshman

As college is quickly approaching being a freshman I have many mixed emotions. In less than month I will be in this new place, and there is a ton of excitement, but as expected I'm very nervous too. Here I want to give you a glimpse of all the emotions going through my mind and how I hope to deal with them.


  Being homsick is definatly my biggest worry, and the thing that will be hardest to deal with. Going to college is truely the start of becomig an adult and learning to do everything on your own without having your parent by your side to help you all the time. Not only is has my mom been a caretaker but a best friend. She is someone I have always been able to pour my heart out to no matter what the situation was, and holding my hand through difficult times. Leaving for the first time from someone that has been there all your life watching you grow up, is a scary feeling. Not seeing my family and animals everyday is going to be very difficult. However I plan to bring plenty of photos to reminded me that they are always there for me. Also I plan on having skype calls so I can have video chats to see the people I love/

       Another thing that I have been nervous about is meeting new people and making friends. After being used to seeing the same faces for four years in high school it strange to think of being surrounded by complete strangers.  This is one reason I decided to join the cross country team, so I could meet people with similar interests as me. Also, there has been a class Facebook page which has allowed all the incoming freshman to talk with each other. If you have something like this I highly recommend taking advantage and using it, as it has helped me get to know some people and look forward to getting to meet them. Also Along with this is the worries of having a roommate. There are many thoughts running through my mind, such as; will she be nice? What if we don't get along? Will I lose all my privacy? I have been trying to communicate with my roomate this summer as I think knowing each other better before we get to college will help us get of to a better start. Also I think it will be key to focus on building a trusting relationship and having a clear understading of each other so we will be able to work through problem together.

Being a freshman I have no idea how the work load is going to compare to how it was in high school, and I'm very nervous about keeping good grades. I have noticed alot of people looking forward to college and talking about the partying, however  I plan to begin my year with a different mind set. I want to enter college thinking about the academic side and preparing myself to do the best that I can. Don't get me wrong I want to have fun times in college, but I think It's important to remember that we are going there to learn and that is what the focus needs to be on. Making a good first impression on teachers is important and I strive to get the best start that I can.


Lastly, I can't help but  worry about the financial side of things. I have been saving my money up and as I leave the job I have had to head to school, I worry about the money quickly disappearing. As a college student I believe it is going to be important to be very wise with my money, and careful I what I spend it on. Also I will be looking for an on campus job so that I will be able to have some cash here and there.

I can't give tips on everything since I'm only begin to experience it myself. I hope reading seeing my emotions is something others can relate, and maybe some of my ideas on how to handle will be helpful to others. Good Luck to all the other Freshman out there as we begin this new journey! -Sarah

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