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Friday, August 19, 2011

Jen Saves Cash Going Back to School

It's time to go back to school and that means, shopping for school supplies! I recently went to my local Wal-Mart to get a few things I needed for my senior year of high school and I thought I'd share them with you all.
When it comes to school supplies I have made a habit to re-use things from previous years, this helps save my wallet some grief and really, who needs new coloured pencils or new highlighters every single year? That being said, let's get onto the mini haul of supplies!

This first essential that I re-purchase every year are binder's. For the past 2 years I have gotten these one's, they come in a pack of 3 of 1.5inch. These are great since I only take 4 classes a semester and 1 usually doesn't require a binder, or has a small work load. Last year they came in three different colours, which was even better, but this time they only had them in sets of the same colour. *$8

Something I don't buy every year, but needed a new one of this year, is a pencil case. This one has one large compartment that zips+velcro's closed. I love this color and the size because it's easy to carry around the halls just in your hand or to throw in your purse. *$5

Pens are something that I need to re-buy every year because I use them all the time and for everything. These one's are by BIC and they are just simple pens with the hand grip on them. I like to change up which one's I get each time, but these packages are great because the include blue, black and red and also, they were on sale! *$1 each

These are something extra that I bought just because they were on sale and are great for projects. These markers seems great because they are fine tip and come in an assortment of colours, they are the BIC Mark- it brand. *$6 (I think)

Sorry for the horrible photo of this one, but it's Bic highlighter's. This is something I do not re-purchase every year but the one's I had I have been using for 3 years and are partially dried up or completely empty. I love packages like this because they come with 2 yellow highlighter's which are more commonly used, by me anyway, so it helps make the package last longer! *$4

The error fixers! White-out and erasers are essential for every student and these are my favourite's. The eraser's are from the White Pearl brand and work great, they aren't the plastic one's that just rip off on your page, and they aren't the pink one's that really don't do anything except for smudge your work. The white-out is by Paper-Mate and they are small which is convient for pencil cases. This is the "tape" kind that you just roll onto your paper, I like these for copying notes and drafts for papers. I also use the liquid kind in pen form, which is great for things that aren't so urgent to be written, or smaller mistakes. *$4(W-O) *$2 (Eraser's, pk4)

Post-it flags are a life saver when it comes to textbooks and study nights. They are great for marking pages you used in class to make sure you go to the right one for homework, or to mark a page that your teacher read from to remind you to study that for a test. They also work great to stick onto your own notes just as a reminder. *$1

Scribbler's are usually optional for my study needs but when they're only 15cents, you can't go wrong! These are good for notes and ideas so they are handy to have around, and worst case you can use it as loose-leaf when you get low! *$0.15each

If I could only have one thing extra for supplies(besides pens, paper and binders) it would be a pocket folder! This little thing saves my academic life every single day of the school year. When each class ends, I put the homework for the class inside my folder and tuck it in the back of the binder for my next class. I do this throughout the whole day and by the time it comes 'homework time' I know where it all is, this also helps you not have to drag home all of your binders every night! This one is by Five Star which is a good quality brand that is sure to last me throughout the school year. *$4

Last, but not least, is my old supplies! This is just a few things I grabbed out of my closet that I will be re-using this year. Binders, dividers, coloured pencils, loose leaf, white paper, ruler, plastic covers, liquid white-out, mechanical pencils(I bought extras of these in this haul as well) and more post-it's.

If you thought I was crazy at the beginning of this post for re-using school supplies for more than one year, think about this. With everything I bought brand new this year it cost me under $40 dollars. This was for everything I needed, plus extra's that I just liked to have that may or may not make my studying any easier. When it comes time for me to start University, I'm going to have so many more costs that I won't be able to afford to spend $100+ on school supplies, not including textbooks, that's why I think it's great that I am able to cut back so easily now.
So after all this, how much did YOU spend on school supplies? ;)

xox, Jennifer

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