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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Krysten's Top 5 Fall Fashions

Here's a look at my top picks for back to school [fall] fashion. 

1. Ecote Navajo Surplus Jacket
Urban Outfitters - $89.00
This jacket is great for fall. Tribal/Indian print has been a big trend this past summer and I think it's here to stay (for a while longer at least). This gorgeous jacket could easily be paired with a simple outfit or dressed up a little to give it a more girly look. I think it's great for College, because it's such an easy piece that can be thrown on with anything. Also, it can be cinched at the waist to add figure.

2. Black Stockings
Target - $5.00
Stockings are a great item to have for fall. You can easily add some shorts and take your summer look into fall. There are many great colors out there, but I think black is staple to have. They are super easy for College and I think they pair wonderfully with a great pair of boots (see #4).

3. Slim Boot Jeans
American Eagle - $39.99 
A great fashion staple to have for fall is a great pair of medium to dark wash jeans. I like the new slim boot cut from American Eagle. The flare isn't too little (like skinny's) or too big (like vintage flare's). These are great for a casual day at school where you can just throw on whatever and head out the door.

4. Steve Madden Cablee Boots
Nordstrom - $164.95
These books are a great pick for fall. They are Steve Madden so the quality is great and should last you years to come. I think this is a nice, classic look inspired by combat boots. These would go great with stockings and shorts or a skirt/dress. They would also go nicely with straight leg jeans. The back has a zipper that goes all the way down and it has buckles on the sides letting you wear the sides down (as shown in the picture) or pulled all the way up for a more classic look.

5. Essie in Velvet Voyage
Target - $7.79
This is a great plum color for the fall. I think that Essie is a great nail polish brand and I'm loving this color. It's a great fall color and can easily be carried into winter.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I'd love your feed back. :)

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