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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Charlcie's Back-To-School Style

Hey everyone! For my blog post this week I wanted to share with you three outfits that I can't wait to wear at college this Fall.

Outfit #1

This outfit is awesome because it's really comfortable and cute. I'm wearing a really BRIGHT purple dress with a cargo jacket that I've rolled the sleeves up on. I also have on leopard print flats. Wearing bright colors with a print will definitely get you noticed
on campus, which is important when you're a new student, like me.


(Dress: American Apparel. Jacket: Lucky Brand. Shoes: Target.)

Outfit #2

Wearing cargo pants allow you to mix it up a little from everyday jeans. I also really like cargo for Fall, which is why it's in two of these outfits. I've kept it simple on top with a basic white ribbed tank. For accessories I have on a purple printed scarf, and metallic gold sandals.

(Pants: Kohl's. Tank: Target. Scarf: Banana Republic. Sandals: Bakers.)

Outfit #3

In this third outfit I have on a more "fancy" top, it's kind of a silk-y material with a ruffle down the middle and a floral print. I kept it suitable for daytime by pairing it with shorts, and covering up on top with a blazer. The simple black, white, and gray color scheme also makes it more casual. In these photos I'm wearing two different shoes: a silver sandal, and a silver Toms shoe, because I thought they both looked awesome with this look.

(Top: Target. Blazer: Forever 21. Shorts: Victoria's Secret. Sandal: American Eagle. Shoe: Toms.)

So those are my top three Back-to-School outfits. I hope you guys liked them, and kind of got an understanding of my style. I'd love to hear what all of you are planning on wearing to school also.

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