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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why study abroad?

Hey everyone!

Since I'm going to study abroad in a few weeks I thought I would share my reasons to why I made that decision and maybe even encourage you to study abroad for a semester.

- It's a life-changing experience

Everyone I know that has studied abroad told me that it was one of the best decisions of their lifes. It expands your worldview and even though it's challenging having to deal with everything yourself in a foreign country, it's worth it, because you become more independent and autonomous.

- It's the best way to learn languages

Where could you learn a language better than in the country where it is spoken? It's a completely different experience to be surrounded by the language everywhere you go, than sitting in a classroom and reading in books. Knowing other languages also enhances your employment oppurtunities.

-It's a completely new experience and therefore a break from your routine

Everyone knows the feeling that you get from time to time, when you just feel sick of everything. Of course that shouldn't make you quit your academic career and a good way to escape that routine but still working towards your goal is spending a semester abroad!

Travelling is fun!

Studying abroad gives you the oppurtunity to travel to places that you otherwise maybe wouldn't have the chance to visit. Here in Europe for example, you can get from one country to another in a few hours, by plane or even by train. Use your freetime to explore your surroundings and visit a lot of different places.

-Get to know different cultures!

This is personally my favorite part. Meeting people from all over the world and visiting different places. Getting to know a new culture is so exciting because it's not just about different food (even though I love that part! :P) or different music, it's also about different beliefs and views. Sometimes talking to a person from a completely different background can open your eyes to something you haven't realized before. You can really learn a lot about yourself besides all of the fun of exploring new cultures!

-Making friends from all around the globe

I have been to a very diverse College over the last two summers and made friends from so many different places. It is so nice to have some good friends in different countries, there were a few times when me and my parents went on vacation somewhere and it was so cool to know someone there that you can meet or just call if you have a question. It's a good feeling to know that you have someone in a foreign country that will always welcome you at their house!

-It can set you apart from other job applicants

Employers will know that if you've studied abroad you are independent, highly motivated and not scared of challenges. They usually really appreciate those qualities and knowing other languages is always a big plus!

Moving to a different country for months is kind of scary - but taking the challenge will pay off in the end.

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