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Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School 2011 - Tax Free Weeks/Weekends!

So a great deal of the girls that belong to Sorority Sisters live in the United States. One thing that some of the states do for Back to School is Tax Free Weeks or Weekends! This is extremely helpful for back to school shopping and a great way to save some money!

States with Tax Free Weeks/Weekends:
Alabama – August 5 to 7
Arkansas – August 6 to 7
Connecticut – August 21 to 27
Florida – August 12 to 14
Illinois – August 6 to 15
Iowa – August 5 to 6
Maryland – August 14 to 20
Mississippi – July 29 to 30
Missouri State -August 5 to 7
New Mexico – August 5 to 7
North Carolina – August 5 to 7
Oklahoma – August 5 to 7
South Carolina – August 5 to 7
Tennessee – August 5 to 7
Texas – August 19 to 21
Virginia – August 5 to 7

*If you're unsure if your state has a tax free week or weekend for 2011, I would google it! :)

Tips for shopping on Tax Free Weeks/Weekends:

Get to the stores EARLY!
Since it's a tax free week or weekend, many people will only venture out during these days to stock up on everything they need for back to school. This means that the stores will be running out of items quickly! I would also always check with a sales associate to see if they have what you need in the backroom!

Buy any of your Expensive and Bigger Purchases!
I would recommend buying any bigger items you need these days. You can buy things like pencils and pens any day, but if you're getting a futon or a large tv for your dorm room, then this is the time to do it! You'll save more money if the items are tax free!

Check to see what is included/excluded in your states tax free days!
I would double check and see what items are included for your states tax free days so you know what you can and cannot buy tax free!

Is your state having any tax free days and are you planning on taking advantage of them? Let us know!


*Info about the different states and their tax free days/weeks is from here

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