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Monday, August 1, 2011


In college, there are so many distractions that sometimes you find it hard to focus on studying or doing homework. Now before you go out and decide to go buy some Adderall (ADD meds) off some kid read this blog for some useful tips to help keep your focus!

1) Go to the library. It's the best place to go on campus where you are guaranteed silence! Find a study nook and set up your laptop, books, notebooks etc there. If all the nooks are filled which they typically are at my school, just look around because you will find somewhere to sit. Isolate yourself from people so you are forced to get work done!

2) LOG OFF YOUR FACEBOOK! I know you want to know what's going on in everyone's lives*cough* facebook stalk, update your status, look at pictures, or my personal favorite that I have been getting back into, Farmville lol! Facebook is the worlds worst distraction. If you get deal with not knowing what everyone is doing for a few hours while you get work done you should be A-OK!

3) Turn off your cell phone! This goes out to all you smart phone users! Don't think you can get away from Facebook that easily just because you logged off on your computer, you still get phone notifications. You don't need text messages distracting you either.

4) If you are studying in your dorm, turn off the TV, close your door so people can't come in,

5) Just try your best to get into a mindset that are going to get your work done. If you think to yourself oh this is so boring I don't feel like studying then you are definitely not going to get anything accomplished!

6) This only applies if the weather is nice outside. We have area at my school where if it is nice outside, you will see people sitting outside on the grass in the sun or sitting under a tree studying. Sometimes fresh air and the sun is all you need to relieve stress and keep you focused. Plus you are getting some Vitamin D too!

Hope this helped!
If you have other ways that help you stay focused without being medicated post them in the comments!

Until next time :)

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