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Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Mix Completely Different Styles!

Hey everyone! So once in a while, I always seem to ask myself: "what's my style"? To answer this in one word is simply impossible for me, so what do those of us who love a bunch of different styles do? I'm about to show you a few different ways to combine completely opposite styles to create a fantastic fashion-forward look!

1. Grunge and Prep: While in college, most of us aren't going to want to run to class looking completely grungy because it's not that flattering, and  it can also look a bit scary. So, what I want to emphasize in this look is the little pop of grunge - nothing too crazy. In this look, the scarf, the jacket, and bright color of the top are all essential for a preppy look! The bag is a mix between the two opposites. It has nice leather handles for that touch of prep, but its slouchy style keeps it more on the grunge side. The tights and combat boots are definite grunge material and help take this over-the-top preppy look to a neutral mix of grunge and prep - perfect for a day of classes!

2. Rocker and Boho: These two polar opposite, when paired correctly, can make you a complete fashionista! When I think of boho, I think of bright, flowly, dreamy outfits. On the other hand, rocker brings me to think of dark, fierce, structured outfits. When I put these two together, I loved the result! Maxi dresses are AMAZING for college because they take two seconds to throw on and you have a complete outfit. Add a leather jacket and you've taken your complete outfit to the next level - boho rocker! Below the dress and jacket are featured with some gold-rimmed sunglasses and simple sandals.

3. Tribal and Preppy: Tribal prints have been a huge trend this year, but how can you take these strong patterns and use them in your everyday wardrobe? By adding a bit of preppy-ness, of course! In the outfit below, the skirt is a simple black and white tribal print, paired with a basic red top. It would have been boring, but the chain necklace adds an extra tribal flair to the outfit and the blazer completes the preppy look. I  would have gone with some black wedges, but the shoes below work perfectly too! This outfit is so simple to put together, yet looks so fashion-forward!

4. Colors and More Colors: Don't you hate those rules about not wearing navy with black, not mixing bright colors with more bright colors, or the one about not wearing too much of the same color? Yeah, me too! In order to break these rules while still being a total fashionista, I introduce you to the world of color blocking! It's a former trend that is on the come back! In the looks below, the outfits are all about taking solid colors and mixing them with more solid colors - no prints, designs, or complex necklines! In the first outfit, a basic roundneck tee is paired with a simple skirt. Color blocking is all about ACCESSORIES! The outfit is paired with a fun necklace, basic bag and tights, as well as a studded belt and studded shoes. Add a sleek high ponytail and you are definitely going to rock this trend! In the second outfit, a very plain dress is paired with a nice purple coat. Since we already have orange and purple, we can't wear any more, right? WRONG! Add an orange clutch with purple tights and shoes to create a fabulous look! Color blocking is a tough trend to follow if you don't utilize your accessories, so make sure you add things to spice up your look - purses, belts, tights, jewelry, and don't forget the fun shoes!

I hope these looks help inspire you to go outside your style box and create fashion-forward looks everyday! Please leave any questions you may have below, and I'll answer them ASAP!! Feel free to contact me if you want any more help!


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